New update meme thread (because why not)


TFW when you thought this update will be good but it fucked up the game even more from all sides


SM players after this update


This update has spoiled the game!I’m gone and I will not come back.Bye guys!


SM developers: “We balanced the game in this update”


(Picture source)

Also SM developers:


SM players: “We like the shop”

Devs: **Removed shop, added “category boxes”**

SM players: “We want the shop back D:”

Devs: *Replaced “category boxes” with this:*


Now all they need to do is remove all boxes and say that it was an accident.



At least they added color kits back

*that you can buy for tokens


yeah it’s the end of this game for me.
Deatch puch that deals 350 base dmg…
Electric deatch puch that can deal over 800 dmg
Hooks that deal 280 dmg
Charges that deal 350 dmg
The gap between legendaries and myths…


With premium currency :slight_smile: