New Update - Leagues!


Hey Pilots -
A NEW version is live!

Please use thread to report any bugs and leave feedback!
Good luck!


I am playing on pc, and I havent received the update yet…
What should I do?


Have you tried to clear your cache?
This usually helps.
Good luck!


@Sarah247 Welcome back!

Im get many pm’s about chance to get epic/legendary.
Its changed?


So each and every player will get reward or just top in their league?


I play on private mode / incognito, so cache and stuff isnt necesarry to clear.

But, after recharging the page, it worked.


man this is perfect by the way i got some weird box in campaign it was grey, long with 5 lights on it (common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical) and i got epic sikanda sword from it, can anybody explain??? :confused: :confused: :confused:


Hi, will our ranks reset to 20 every season and we have to climb up or ranks stay the same?


this is just my opinion,
if the rank doesn’t reset to 25 each week, player that didn’t want their rank goes down like a free fall, will avoid battle as much as they could, or maybe they didn’t do battle at all, well the announcement said the prizes are based on the last rank the player achieved, so if i just do one battle in that season and i lost but my rank doesn’t go down, then i just play the game to do grinding and wait for my weekly reward.
well maybe that’s not the case.


I guess you gonna lose about 5-10 stars after each season.


how about we play, and see what happens, if we see something that isnt right we make a nice topic about it, and see how we can improve it.
This pokeing in the dark and awaiting Apocalipse isnt good for the mind…
Things move at a certain pace around this game …usualy like paint drying… but they move…i think.
we can poke at it after we see it is not moving…
@Sarah247 am i right?
It is our obligation to help improve things… i think… and if all else fails, we have the backup topic about ranting, and toxicity and booze… we can all get back to the stabing ourselfs in a dark room thing any time, but for now let’s give it a try.


i am having that question too @sarah247


Here’s my feedback…


Ride that pony :slight_smile:




Just in case.

Well, hopefully this league thing will be good for the game. Players have long been discussing about a reward per rank, so this league may be the answer to that.


How about a “placement” system?

When a league season ends, one’s league is set to “blank” and only by fighting at least once in that season will a player be “set” in the league? If they don’t play in the PvP, they do not get in the league… hence, no reward. And if they don’t play much, people will overtake them in the league…

Well, I’m hoping the game has something like that in place, so to avoid your scenario.


Well, if you don’t win 5 match per day you cannot complete your daily and cannot get the related 10 tokens, guess that’s probably enough for the majority of players to fight in arena :sweat_smile:


I forgot about that 5 match per day thing… Well… I guess we will always be in the league.


Rewards for non-spenders? A step in the right direction…