New update incoming 0.o




hmmm…what we gonna grieve now?..


perhaps we are gonna get an actual shop?

haha no , get a bank account


i know
increase the cost of boxes
5x boosting and transformation cost
80% less chances to get fortune box
5x harder missions
etc etc


Hello pilots, we have added credit card reader compatibility! You can now easily swipe your credit card and buy tokens!


and no the maintence break is over


I was looking forward to that credit card update


i wonder what my $2.75 would of done if that update was true


on the surface nothing yet so far…


actually what was the point for that


I think they saw that “have drop rates improved?” thread from earlier today and had to make sure that stopped :smiling_imp:


good for me as i am p2p


Logged, dont see anything new


perhaps it was really only MAINTENANCE???


probably some bug fixes , and drop rates stuff


dark warrior is replying


i closed the game just waiting for the real shit to happen


get scammed lmaooooo


yea no comment there. I spent the morning farming ramboy after farming the gold portal. BTW I’m pretty sure that it is just fixing some glitches in the campaign, as I saw someone post a major glitch in the campaign


major glitch?

he probably trying to reset his level