New update coming this week (?)


According to the support response I got about not receiving the Claw, I was told there is another big update coming this week. Whatever it may be I don’t know, but I think everybody should save their tokens just in case it’s another item portal. I wouldn’t want to see people spend money on it given the results of the last one.

Again, save up tokens!


Oh no,what are they going to break this time?
Everyone,play the campaign before they take it,looks like we have just another week!


Who knows what these idiots will do. Drowning people clutch at straws.


I’m going to pretend that it is someone’s idea from chat, where you can swap x number of items for the item you want.


I guess it’s 100% off of premium boxes :wink:


I heard from “anonymous” there is another item available to release but I don’t know if this is what it is


Maybe there is a problem with 2v2 after all?

@Mohadib “I know, let’s make it 6v6, that way everyone forced to make another 4 mechs =$$$$ for us. If players complain we give them portal full of commons …bwahahahaha”


HateBlueMechs replying to Mr E??? Woah

And also, I don’t think it will be an update involving Battling people… I think it could be something like LIVE REPLAY Viewing or Chat while Farm


I think it will add a mega boss event
that all player online fight with it together
07 PM


That sounds fun


I’ve had enough of mega bosses in arena I.e Claw monsters.


And I though if 2v2 is fun they can make 2v2 into(2 player vs 2player)
first game system chose a random player on your side and 2 opponents
each player chose a mech, and if one player is on battle, other players can watching the battle, and if one of the player’s mech is destroy, other player continue to fight


Team Chat and Regular Chat while in the battle so we can communicate but not giveaway plans


I remember that bug lol


I can bet it will be an update. (lol)


Probably another item portal.
What can we expect? NO ideas. Energy free phys drone? Any kind of dual use utility? Maybe a revival of the long gone shields…


BTW bro @Mr.E, using what channel do you communicate with “suport”?


servers down for 25 minutes


The thing is Off for server maintenance.
Might be an update, not an item portal


I wonder what they will do :thinking: