NEW update bug? 2v2 campaign

IS this a bug? i want to play the new campaign mode (2v2) but it seems locked, the old campaign (restoration of earth) is 100%, 3 stars on every mission, im lv 92, but the other one says “reach level X to unlock”, and doesnt even say its name, instead it says “campaign title”, how to unlock it? and what is “level X”?

Lol X is meaning of number 10…
But i think it’s infinitive level…
I dunno just message Sarah…

You need to e level 12 to unlock Remnants from Sky.

just level 12? im 92, is not that enough?

Are you matchmaking 12? That might be it.

that is the number on pvp thing? im 8 with 4 stars

Hm…send a screenshot of the place you are locked?


Hmm…i cant figure this one out…pm sarah247? Maybe she can help

who is she? how to pm here?

Ill tag her for easy access. @Sarah247
She is a problem solver for the community, works with the devs. So anyways click on the grey tag thing, her profile will pop up. In top right of profile there is message button, click that and message her.

thats weird it un locked for m

Lol what is that ? Seems like Supermechs XXX


She is a mananger of tactisoft…
Message her and she will anwser…
I notice that you are youtuber by the way…my brother watches you lol

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I’m Rank 1 arena and level 150 (highest possible) and I have this as well.

I figured it out guys,

it’s only like this if you are playing the Full Screen .swf version of supermechs. if you go to the main website the 2v2 campaign works again.

One question.

Do you get anything for getting 100% on 1v1 campaign? Maybe a fortune box? Or do you get nothing?

Wrong, X is a variable, It’s not suposed to appear to him, but would probably show a number if he was under the needed level.

Absolutely nothing.

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Roman number’s pall…