New type of weapons


Now we have three types of weapons: physical, electrical and explosive. I have an idea for new type of weapons.

Freeze weapons. Here are effects of freeze weapons:
-Disable you to move
-Weaken or disable your explosive weapons
-Take maximum 1 of your moves

Now we definitely need freeze weapons. I have got a few ideas:

  1. Is the same as those flamethrowers, but it shoots ice and has freeze effects
  2. Is the same as metal blender and others, but it shoots an ice ball and has freeze effects

That’s all I got. Hope you like and implement my idea. :slight_smile:[poll type=regular public=true]

  • implement
  • move away

Fourth Mech Type : Freezing Weapons/Torso

I had a similar Idea (Stasis rifle) which inhibits all movement besides teleport.
Maybe it should also make the mech take more explosive damage or something?


That’s a nice idea. It should be one of freeze weapons. Statis rifle should be myhtical weapon. And it could make enemy explosive resistance weaker, which means the same as you mean. :grinning:


freeze weapon shouldn’t just “freeze” and “weaken explosive weapons”

if weapon attacks with cold, its opposite of explosive - enemy heat is decreased as he takes hits. Thus, enemy should be only frozen when he have negative heat.
this means, if you use explosive weapons to heat enemy up, and then freeze weapon, you sure deal high damage (due to rapid temperature changing, which damages things), but your side effects negate each other

other than that, “freeze damage” idea is interesting. BUT, we already have electric weapons, which basically do the same as freeze (drain thermal/electric energy), so this could be simular type


I like the idea of it disabling you to move, and weakening heat weapons. But to take away an action point, that is too OP. Also, it should only disable the movement after you reach negative heat which another forum user said, otherwise it disabling movement makes no sense. Other than that, this would be a great addon to the game.


take away 1 turn = double overheat :fire: :fire:
disable 1 weapon = drain energy :cloud_lightning: :cloud_lightning:
weaken explosive or any other weapon = shield and resist kits. :shield: :shield:

so the game actually have those kind of weapons or ways to play.


But overheat and energy drain usually takes time, it does not happen instantly like with this weapon concept. This would make new strategies though, as then players would need to worry about both not letting heat get too high and not letting it get too low. If this does happen, they would need to make some kind of nerf like while it does disable movement and takes an action point, it should do low damage, like 50-60 damage. Or everyone could use 40% or 50% heat shields since that generates a lot of heat, but then heat mechs would be OP.


would be op? any mech with freeze will be op… why? simple, dual brakers, dual novas, DUAL stuners with 2 uses or with ammo…

stun your opponent quick at any turn you want sound cool, but make something like a full stuner with evil rock drone, by example, not just will be op, will be unkilleable!!!

thats why stun is not in game, and we have heat, want or not people down to prevent the overheat, so that can be like a stun… one move less…

Again, its just a coment, not a war declarations vs your topic!!!


It would not be OP if it did 50-80 damage. If it does like, 100+ damage and freezes then OP. Just make it do 50-80 damage and it will be good. 50-80 damage plus freeze is good. But there should be only one of it allowed per mech, because if it takes one action point, two would completely take away your turn. I’m fine with this concept being implemented as long as it does not do 100+ damage or can’t be duel wielded, because 100+ damage and freeze would wreck you more than lava spray and duel wield would take away all turns. Just no 100+ damage or duel wielding and this will be a great addition to the game.


Freezing has been suggested before and was thrown in trash can
Although old ideas about freezing were good


yup, you are right. thats a good idea and is true is almost the same as electrical weapons


thanks for your idea! :grinning:


whatever, is you opinion :slight_smile: