New type of weapons (idea)

I had a idea of a poison like weapon, it doesn´t do shut downs or drains energy, after you shoot it it will (if mythical) drain 100 damage every turn for 2 turns(it can be different depending on the weapon)
what do you think? (only constructive comments please)

  • yes (good idea)
  • nope (terrible idea)

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(i think i already did a topic on this, idk, dont remember)

Sounds good actually, But how many times? Is it two to three rounds every end of a turn? It seems OP Without Explanations, Downfalls and Weaknesses

100 damage to your oponent after 2 turns for 2 rounds.
15 energy usage.
30 heat usage
200 - 300 base damage.
3 uses.

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the regular damage would be the lowest, but venom damage would compensate

It could shot acid :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you mean 100 physical shield damage?

it could also drain alot of all shields
(good idea)

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You said:

Do you mean sheilds?

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What do you mean then becuase you said drain?

It’s like Poison or Burn from Pokemon…

DOT effect ^^

(when he saied drain, I think he was thinking of “drain X HP like direct damage without taking care of resistances”, then he wrote "100 damage (because it would result in a fixed amount of damage: 100))

i meant damage
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Well, I’m not sure if that is such a good idea.

Instead you could directly increase the firepower of the weapon by 100 damage on average and not grant it any poison or corrosion effect.

Also that poison / corrosion effect is like having a weapon that drains all resistances by 33 points or even 50 points for two rounds.

–> 33 points of resistance worth if the poison weapon user has a drone deployed as 2 weapon attacks + 1 drone attack = 3 * 33 damage per round = 99 = ca. 100 damage per round.
–> 50 points of resistance worth if the poison weapon user has no drone deployed as 2 weapon attacks = 2 * 50 damage = 100 damage per round.

And 33-50 drain for all resistances for 2 full rounds is quite high I think.

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Battle over faster, before then corrosive toxin make something (yea yea that about phys with1000 dmg per turn)

sounds good, but such weapons should maybe not drain so much as a 100 but more like 80-110 or so per turn, and the weapon poison should be based on the strength of the weapons, for example if it deals around 100 normal damage per turn, it should have high poison but if it has strong natural damage it should have weak poison, then i actually like this idea!
how long would the poison status effect last though?

Dat sounds like poison wepon?

It should be called a Corrosive weapon (not poison smh) because it can melt iron, and mechs are made of iron.

Corrosive and poison are two different things okay?

Poison is for organic living things.
Corrosive melts stuff.

Mechs can’t be poisoned lol. They don’t have organs like we do.

But they can melt.


funny part is that this mechs can breathe… settings say so

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Off topic, but agreed.

So corrosive weapon should be have lowest damage what weapon make( note corrosive effect, only weapon) that make it opposite to phys type, like heat opposite energy