New type of event


This is an idea for a new event.The map will be divided into two parts.Two capitals will be placed in the extreme right and the extreme left.All the players will be put into 2 alliances like the faction event.The players from the alliance in the right side cannot make a colony in the left and vice versa.One capital will be given to both the leaders.

The capitals give 2000 units per 24 ticks for free.The era will be won by the alliance that takes the capital of the other alliance.The chassis should be chosen by the leader before the era starts and should tell what one fleet should have.The capitals will produce that type of fleets with different weapons for the rest of the era.

Each player is given a super outpost that is built next to their colony.It does the same thing as the capital but makes 500 units per 24 ticks instead of 2000.Super outposts can be taken but turn into normal outposts when taken and don’t make units.1 player can only have 1 super outposts which is permanently lost if taken and cannot be obtained again.The winning team gets the reward.

There will be no relics and the era is won if the capital of the other alliance is taken.[poll public=true]

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havent we learned from the mistakes that occured in factions?
the leaders couldnt lead 120 players now ur saying this will be 2 alliances so maybe 300 players per capital the leaders wont be able to lead all of those no matter who it is


i think this idea would need a tweak of sorts. As stated by yahiakh, leaders would have a nightmare of a time dealing with this. Good luck finding someone willing to try doing this. If there was a way to eliminate leaders from existing, that might help (as it would just kinda be a free for all, everyone do what they want kinda deal). The biggest issue I see here though is the chance for a landslide. You have nothing to prevent such from happening. The current set up, I could easily see all the pro’s just deciding together to plant on 1 side of the map and then absolutely murder the other side. Era would be extremely short unless the experienced players actually decided to keep things even.

As for the capitals and super outposts, sorry, I don’t think those will happen. Would simply be too much coding to add onto the game… and then we’d have an entirely different game with totally difference mechanics (not to mention, who would own these units/be able to move them?).

The possibility of a 1v1 with 2 huge teams facing off is possible, but there would need to be more checks and balances put into place.