New Tranformation Idea

I want to change the idea about how the Legendary tranformation relic is used. It is a simple idea.

Make the Transformation relic be used in recipes that craft legendary versions of epic items.

What do I mean buy this?

Well 1 transformation relic + 5 Epic Iron Plating (Maxed level)
= 1 Legendary Platinum Plating

Thus you can also introduce lower tier transformation relics as well to bridge items to the next level.
Should we change the way Relics work?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Refine the idea!

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I came up with this first.

copyright infringment! :angry:

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lol I didn’t know I xD should just relink then


:open_mouth: Copyrighted… lol.

Actualy it was even a vote on it if i remember.
All credits go to Techno.

Altho it never made production.