New trading system

Btw I have no idea do I copy someone or no.

A trading system would be something like this:

-There would be ‘‘trading’’ button
-It would lead you to a place were players sell their items
-You would be able to make an offer:
sell items for credits or tokens (mhyitical only)
exchange items for item
search for an item for some amount of credits or tokens
-Trading place would be organized:
there would be places torsos, legs, weapons etc. and place where people are selling for credits or tokens
place where players look for stuff etc.

It would really improve the game because high rank players would be able to get rid of useless items and help low rank players to get better items. Hope you like my idea. :slight_smile:

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What does that mean :confused:

btw means by the way. i dont know does somebody else has same idea as me

Should have used commas ,

It could be good but Multi-accounts …

Indeed, you could sell items for a low amount of money to buy them with your other account, but note that someone else may be faster and may get the item instead. :slight_smile:

yep, u are right. i think there should be an limit how low and how high price will be. depending how much you need. and also, on multi-accounts you cant always get what you need… but, at some point, u are right… but there should be ‘‘something’’ that checks with who are you trading and how often. if you trade only with one player too often that means multi-accounts. so it would disable your trading with another acc you made alone.
so this could be some kind of… ‘‘solution’’…

yup, thats right, that is some kind of ‘‘fooling’’ players with multi-accounts

em i dont want be rude, but your idea is a mix of 3 or 4 old post about the same topic:

one guy suggest bet for items on trade system, like an auction house.
another suggest trade direcly player-player via facebook.
and the prices was added for other guy on another topic.

trade is necesary, and could be on another plataform outside the game; but need resources like personal and data to take out one id item of one acc, paste it on another and make the pay form the second to the first acc.

sound easy, but is not than simple…

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let us use this way “trade mythicals for mythicals; legendary for legendary etc”

so the multi account problem will be solved, for if one buys a mythical from his/her account1 to account 2
then one mythical will go from account 2 to account 1 so that one account will not contain both the mythicals

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What problem do you have with me?? You keep hating my idea. Go away!!! I f you don’t like my idea, just go away forever!!!

nice idea i acept :slight_smile:

i post it this before xD

err dude there are 3 principal problems with this idea
i mean i have tons of useless mythical trash that i use to upgrade i wish to give them another use so i post the exchange like a new feature for clans (to give them an use)
to implement this devs have to add an especific extra system to make it posible and then protect and limit it to avoid hacking
-first problem, multiaccs people with lots of accs would create a good acc trashing the others that would not be a problem and this is the good of the idea because you cant get more mythicals than you have or exchange without giving, but if devs do that then theyll lose 1 of the only ways this game can make money
-problem 2 server stress, servers feel really better now but i dont think teyre ready to implement something like this
-Problem 3 if they nerf the exchange limitating the number of times that a player ID can exchange this would mean a lot of work without a direct reward for devs

So my friend i think we should give up with this untill the game become one of the first 50 on apps stores wich isnt probably because the game its too basic on the fights, the animations the speed and the special effects make this game, well mediocre, it have a great art bgm and design yeah but no history not surprises not social tools not main bgm theme and also some broken lines and a bad tutorial makes imposible to the game be on top 50 unless the other games are really really worst

read again the post…

and if you will not accept critics or opinions of others, dont post here :smile:

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lot of persons has posted this topic and no one cry like a baby, just this one…

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um… Tactisoft is checking my idea and disscussing them. you dont control what will happen

just wait… :slight_smile::slight_smile:

how do you know? :sweat_smile:

How do you know this

super mechs community on fb told me