New trading system, we need it


A trading system would be something like this:

-There would be ‘‘trading’’ button
-It would lead you to a place were players sell their items
-You would be able to make an offer:
sell items for gold or tokens (mythical only)
exchange items for item
search for an item for some amount of gold or tokens
-Trading place would be organized:
there would be places torsos, legs, weapons, etc. and place where people are selling for credits or tokens
place where players look for stuff etc.

I’m posting my idea once again, because i think we really need it now because of this update.

I’m reading everyone’s opinion. :slight_smile:

  • we need it pls implement
  • forget this, is usseles

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Stop. Do you realize that there were over 100 trading requests and none of them got added?


:expressionless: uummm… i wont stop.

and do you realize that this would induce a boom in account hijacking since they can sell off the items?

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no i dont haha :expressionless:

And how do you plan on getting this trading system online?
What you’re asking them to do is apply/change their game a new feature, and that costs them their time or money.

People would’ve only used the trading system instead of buying from their offers.

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So? You more like spending real money? Seems you do.

No no no. Forget this idea.


Adding new trading system can ruin their plans.
Trading system +100% success active.
Money system -20 successful of +35% of purchase now 15% chance of purchases.

well who wants to spent money?

Your opinion. :slight_smile:

No one wants to spend money, it’s the developer’s choice to not make this update.
They want people to spend money, and your trade option will make their money making scales drop instead of rise.

Your update is good yes, but requires their time and reduces their gain in money.

yeah, ut here I’m asking for players opinion, not developer’s :slight_smile:

You should make a role playing game with trading system then.
I’m currently hosting one and developing it.

Maybe a forums version of Super Mechs, if you like this idea, I can help you with the art part.
It won’t be in the same graphics though, but still adjustable to players in a huger freestyle way.

You will be in charge of the rarity of parts and new skills.
I could make suggestions of my own. Maybe classes and races could also be added.

I can do private massages from you on here.

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He might have a private server with trade option enabled.

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I usually like everything, but i refuse to link trading nonsenses.

ok, as you say :slight_smile:

but, i’m here only looking for players’ opinion, i’m not trying to realize the idea :slight_smile: