New Torsos Idea - Blizzard Glider , Storm Glider , Desert Glider


These torsos will be in a shape similar to those of jet planes , with their unique attribute being lightweight

Blizzard Glider [E-M Evolution Range]

  • 250KG Weight
  • 790 HP
  • 500 Energy Capacity
  • 45 Energy Regeneration
  • 120 Heat Capacity
  • 50 Cooldown
  • 30 Physical Resist/35 Explosive Resist/30 EnergyResist

Storm Glider [E-M Evolution Range]

  • 275KG Weight
  • 800 HP
  • 110 Energy Capacity
  • 55 Energy regen
  • 350 Heat Capacity
  • 95 Cooldown
  • 30 Physical Resist/30 Explosive Resist/35 EnergyResist

Desert Glider [E-M] Evolution Range]

  • 790 HP
  • 100 Energy Capacity
  • 45 Energy Regen
  • 500 Heat Capacity
  • 45 cooling
  • 35 Physical Resist /30 Heat Resist/30 Energy Resist

Note : The main focus and special attribute about these torsos light weight , builds with these torsos will highly synergize with light weight modules like cooling boosters and regen boosters and plat plates , allowing more space for weapons


Reminds me of one of my torso ideas.

This thing is similiar to yours. Low Weight, Low HP, maybe high stats and also significantly higher Resistances.

Although this is only the Energy version of my idea.


Super high resist and other stats (besides regen and cooling), maybe from 500 energy to 400? Maybe from 500 heat to 400? Resist maybe bump down by 10 on each.


I like the idea but with modifications…

  • Super lightweight is like Interceptor Range (309), so maybe like 300kg
  • HP ballpark of 800HP sounds about right
  • Please no Electrical or Explosive Resists over 30 MAX, Phys Mechs or Multi-plate guys equip those and the game is broken. 30/24/24 is good
  • No Heat or Energy numbers should go over 346/112 which is Grim Reaper numbers


Aren’t these sort of just revamped Platinum Vests? And also shouldn’t phys torso have the most health? Also here is a suggestion maybe give Desert to heat and make Blizzard Glider into Mountain Glider or Iron Glider and put that on phys?


:ok_hand: not bad but first thing is W.
lightest torso is interceptor with 309 W. nothing lighter than this torso
that mean lowest W. is 309 no lower than this second thing hp and stats is really worst it will become a meta in every build you have Blizzard have 500 E cap Storm have worst stats Desert have 500 H cap
that mean if you use blizzard or desert with 6 engine it will become an anti boiler/drainer
Weko say NO! to your idea (it sucks)


Well interceptor, nightmare, and sith play a similar role to these torso ideas. Sure, it’d be more extreme verision of these, so it’s kind of redundant. Plus, when you think about it, these kind of torsos suck considering you’d have to have a bunch of good modules plus the torso, when you can just have a heavier torso with much better stats. Cheaper that way.