[New Torso Ideas] Something other than Zarks

I’d say 70% of Torsos I see are Zarks. They’re basically your best bet in the current meta, which is OP Damage-Dealing Physicals :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @Sarah247 @Mohadib

  • So, I’m suggesting 2 new Torsos, one for Heat and one for Energy that will compete with the Zark.
  • They should be available at Epic and go to Mythical (A little bit harder to get, but not near impossible)
  • The general idea is silghtly higher HP and Phys resist, in exchange for more weakness towards Elec (for the Heat Torso) and Expl (for the Energy Torso)

The Heat Torso is called “The Edge”


Picture a giant rock face. This Torso is gonna be tall, and relatively box-shaped. Defeating this Mech will be like defeating a mountain. Now “The Edge”, stands for 2 things… one is the Edge of a mountain, but the other is fighting on the edge, as it will be strong to Phys, but more vulnerable to Energy.


It would look similar to the old Goliath Torso. Here’s the stats (Max Myth):

  • Weight: 368 kg
  • 1180 HP
  • 145/48 Energy
  • 217/72 Heat
  • 26P/16Ex/12El Resists

Basically Heavier with more HP than the Zark. Specializes in Phys resist at the expense of Expl and especially Elec

The Energy Torso is called “Cohesion”


Picture a Torso that’s really tight and cohesive… hard to break. Unlike “The Edge” this Torso should be smaller and more compact… I’m thinking Invid from Robotech…


A bit more organic and molecular… Here’s the stats (Max Myth):

  • Weight: 345 kg
  • 1082 HP
  • 245/104 Energy
  • 179/56 Heat
  • 26P/12Ex/16El Resists

By far, the heaviest and highest HP Energy Torso (but lower than the Edge, in exchange for better Heat and Energy numbers). Very high Phys resist at expense of Elec and especially Expl.


  • I would like to see these Torsos or similar in SuperMechs
  • I believe there are problems with current SuperMechs Torsos but have alternate suggestions (please explain)
  • The current SuperMechs Torso line up is fine as is

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But… Zark is the heat version :thinking:


Then how about a torso for Physicals?

Exodus is the name.

Imagine a Diamond Shell, but with 5 Spikes coming out of the back instead of 2, has an open mouth just like Naga but the teeth are razor sharp, and A LOT of pipes running out of it.

It may look or sound similiar to my Fanmade sandbox drawing also called Exodus.

  • HP : 1299
  • Energy : 202/64
  • Heat : 202/64
  • 24P/24Ex/24El
  • 378 Weight

This torso is supposed to be able to take on Physicals head-on, so kind of like the Buffed version of Avenger… Also it really sounds absurd, so I’m going to make this kind of poll.

  • I don’t want to see this torso in-game.
  • 私はこの体内の試合を見たくない。
  • Ég vil ekki sjá þennan torso í leik.
  • I want to see this torso in-game.

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The Japanese and Icelandic text translates to “I don’t want to see this torso in-game/play”

Yeah, but all the Phys are using it
It makes perfect sense, great HP, great expl resist
It’s better than what any of the Phys torsos can give them

It makes me wonder if there’s a way to connect Physical damage with the Torso itself (likewise Explosive and Electrical) so that Mechs will be more inclined to stick with their own major Damage output

All I see is Phys using Zarks, maybe the occasional Brutality and Windigo (which are also Heat :stuck_out_tongue: )


I got it!!!

What if you were to tie in the Arena Bonuses with the type of Torso you’re wearing??

ie. for example, the 20% Phys Damage Bonus would only apply if:

  • 1. The weapon being fired is a Phys weapon (or item)
  • 2. The Torso is a Phys Torso

Likewise same for Explosive damage + Heat Torso, and Electrical damage + Energy Torso

I can see several benefits of this…

  • -Fewer Zarks
  • -More use for ALL of the other Torsos
  • -Nerfing the Smurfs who use a mishmash of crazy OP weapons from all damage types
  • -Nerfing the Arena bonuses to some degree (less benefit from non-matching weapons)
  • -Nerfing the overall power of the OP Phys Mechs who have to go back to the currently substandard, but more balanced, Phys torsos

Hmmm… maybe one to add on the to do list? :thinking:

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I would rather have a lower hp heat torso, but with highest heat and cooling- basically a mass heaters torso. IT would also have decent energy…

This would also need to happen for energy mechs as well.

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Naga is the answer literally, same for Windigo, but if you really mean like SUPER low HP but the highest heat and energy stats, I’ll try to make them here.

Energy torso

  • Raijin / Raiden
  • 699 HP
  • 356/121 Energy
  • 193/72 Heat
  • 22P/22Ex/16El
  • 335 Weight

Heat torso

  • Magma Driver / Infernal King
  • 699 HP
  • 199/72 Energy
  • 356/121 Cooling
  • 22P/16Ex/22El
  • 335 Weight

Physical torso

  • Crusader / Valhalla
  • 789 HP
  • 276/101 Energy
  • 276/101 Heat
  • 16P/22Ex/22El
  • 347 Weight

Also I’m sorry if this is Off-Topic, I’m just trying to make stats for Dank’s choice.

What about if we just buff Grim Reaper’s hp to be at Zark’s level?
Atleast we’ll be seeing Grims in the top ranks.

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I want this please.

But no, if they are Zarkares-Like GrimReapers around, M A N Y top players would abandon Zark and would be overpowered.

I believe this buffed Grim Reaper would only benefit energy and phys users.

Because of poor heat but high energy. Arena will still be stale though, we’ll be seeing a mass of GR users and Zarks.

Don’t buff GrimReapers then, SO MANY people has it already, so make a new torso about it.

Name the new torso ‘Billy and Mandy’

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Lol, Call it

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They should just boost other Torsos. Like the L-M Archimondes that’s taking up space in everyone’s vault :stuck_out_tongue:


tbh i would like an energy version of zark

and maybe the edge

not really a fan of the other one

I do think there needs to be a heavy high HP energy torso. As it stands since hp modules that aren’t iron are so rare, it’s hard to make up for using a light torso (even if you can devote module slots to plates, weight becomes an issue.)

As it stands, people use Zark because it’s the highest HP torso with useful stats for a secondary characteristic (in this case heat). An energy analogue would seem like a slam dunk.

i would say
maybe make a energy zark!
high energy (just as high as zarks heat)
high regen (like zarks cooling)
high hp (same as zark)
high energy res (same as zark)
weight same
basically switch the stats of zark and bring a new torso look

this way other mechs will have high energy and hp just like how zark has high heat and hp

Agreed, Zark is just so good and energy analogue is needed

It has to be done in a way though that Phys aren’t just gonna climb all over it like they do to Zark, hence the low resist suggested to Heat

I agree, I have some ideas for that, thread popping up soon :grinning: