New Torso Idea- Nebulon+New Legs Idea- Roll-Step Fire Walkers

I have a new torso idea- Nebulon. It comes in Epic, Legendary, And Mythical. And I also came up with the Roll-Step Fire Walkers, which you can get in Legendary and Mythical (but I didn’t draw the mythical form). Look at picture for information (i drew and colored it myself). I worked hard on this so I would appreciate if it made it to SuperMechs. (SuperMechs is probably my favorite game).


nice drawings dude

but um perhaps u can post in the sprite thread instead


Why is this hidden?

what is the sprite thread

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Nice drawing! But why is it hidden? It’s perfectly fine.

i dont know, every time i go to a new tab it seems to hide itself

Nice drawing!!

The numbers need to be more in line with other Torsos… specifically the Resistance numbers and the Weight having to be fixed, not variable. You also forgot cooling :grinning:) Also, legs typically don’t offer any Heat or Resistances.

Check out Max Mythical Listings to get good comparisons with the other legs and torsos.


Ok thanks ill fix some things