New to the game and wanna learn from you!

Hi everyone here in the community.

I have just been playing this game for two weeks and really cannot understand well the experience you are communicating with each other.

For example, would anyone let me know what the legacy converter is used for? I clicked it and lost a max power kit (a purple one), then I get 3 power kits (3 grey one, level 10). Actually I really don’t know the function of this converter.

Other questions such as how to get more rare items (legendary or mythical)? Shall I buy tokens to open boxes? Once I used around 1200 tokens but got no legendary items.

Things like that. All experiences are welcome but I have to apologize for my limited English skill that I cannot understand well your actual meaning if you use abbreviations or other omitted sentences.

Thanks for all : )


Hi @Evershaw_Liu, Welcome to the SuperMechs forum, do feel free to ask all the questions you have here :slight_smile:

The legacy converter is for older players that have legacy (old) items that are no longer of use. Because you are a new player you shouldn’t need to use it.

With this game you need to boost items to the Max level and then convert them into better weapons. You can tell if you can upgrade something to mythical by looking at the transformation range. You can see below that by boosting this Sith torso and then transforming it you can make it into a legendary item.

To make it a mythical item I would have to boost it up again to max level and then transforming it into the mythical version. Do make sure that an item is upgrade able to the mythical level before you start upgrading items or else your work may have been wasted.

If you need this explained in more details I would recommend watching a video by @Mordulec that explains the process


Thanks, @Elcent, for referring to my vid. Every new viewer is most welcomed! Cheers, mate!


Hi Elcent! Thanks so much for your clear and detailed answer! I have one more question about power up kits. Are they only used to boost items without other functions? And would you plz introduce some advanced tips for me?

Many thanks to you!

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Hi Mordulec. Thanks so much for reply. I really appreciate if you can introduce some advanced skills to me!

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Power kits are currently just to boost items as you said. We are hoping that the power kits won’'t be counted in the inventory limit.

Advanced tips would be best to get from the rest of the community as I’m not that highly ranked at the moment :frowning: perhaps @Mordulec has a suitable video or could give some advanced tips?


@Elcent Thanks so much for your answer! I will try to explore the community and learn experience gradually.

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Slap your credit card on the screen and watch as legendaries and epics magically flood your inventory , doesnt work if your credit card is empty

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@Evershaw_Liu Dont care to that stupid post what thewindweaver made, it is completly stupid, he is by the way, mental ill :slight_smile:

you just have to enjoy supermechs so keep calm and play it

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Continue to ask questions here as needed . I am sure you will get the answer you need. Welcome