New titan ticket raffle is LIVE


@YGGM Are replying to me?

If so, I never posted about leaving a social clan. I did post about joining one and leave his loner clan.


Btw, did you make your clan yet?


No, not yet. I posted on my post that it be in the beginning of November. I’m doing some massive upgrade coming up.


Yes I was talking to you, and see, some ppl WANT to be in a loner clan…
they prefer that, they’re more at ease…


It was just an example, without going into finest details, how many hours a new player need to play to have access to this or that, beside that, this example says exactly what it should have said …

NOT ALL can have ALL the same :exclamation:

See here …

NO … my point is, and you know that I am right about … a Clan is made for MANY (till 24) players, NOT for single players to get little rewards, its for players to be PART of a Clan (part of many players) to get good rewards TOGETHER :exclamation:



Okay, I’m off this ****, seeya in another topic


yo quiero conseguirlos pero como soy bien salado lo dudo


I do not care about that raffle for myself because it is almost impossible for me to be drawn anyway even if I take part.
You can even add a condition that the clan must have at least 5 members and I would still complain about this issue.

My point is about new players who are part of clans with several players but only new players.
With the amount of players there are in total there definitely are some relatively new players who are in a clan with only those new players.
So if they have a 2star titan or a 1star titan then they cannot partake in this raffle at all.

But they should theoretically be able to do so if they have at least opened up side mission 1 in area 1 of the 1vs1 campaign.
Yet this simple fact that there are no tickets in side missions for 1star and 2star titans prevents them from doing so.

Add a rule for the clan to have 5 members at least and in exchange make tickets available for 1star and 2star titans even though you do not need them for the titans themselves.

Then I would simply ignore the raffle.
But not allowing newer players in weak clans to participate just because their clan does not take on a 3star titan or higher is just awful and deserves to be critisized until it is changed.


That is very serious! You cannot participate on this!

It’s like the friend with a new account that can not make the achievements of opening item boxes.

What can I say … it really amazes me that developers invent new things and then forget that it exist! Does anyone really on the staff devote more than 1 hour a day to this game? How do these things happen?


yo dedico a este juego unas 3 a 5 horas diarias no es gran cosa lo que estoy haciendo en el juego pero ayudo a mi clan, no tengo nada que hacer aparte de jugar al fornite pero bueno


I mean the developers of the game, the geniuses who invent things.

It turns out that they invent things and then they seem to forget what they did or … they have no idea what someone else invented.

There is 1 achievement of opening boxes … but players with new accounts, haven´t item boxes to open!

There is a ticket for titan raffle, but some clans have no way to make tickets !!

Is the world upside down or what?


aaaaa la leche ya entendi XD


leches… me alegro man…!


jajajjajajjaja! :slight_smile: pero eso si dedico bastante horas a este jueho


I was a legacy player but it took me about 3 or 4 weeks to get rank 10. And even now I drop to rank 11 sometimes


That’s the main point ^^

You got a somewhat “head start” over the truly “New Players” ^^


Sort of. It was difficult because I didn’t realize my weapons were that useless.