New titan ticket raffle is LIVE


I can spare you a few of these m8 :wink:

i said this because there’s only so many weapons in the game and you’re bound to be at least somewhat similar to a bunch of other players


In term of whole build setup ?
Or just Weapon/module/etc setup ?


Well yeah, i mean there are only so mean combinations. Plus if you’re a youtuber people can easily copy what you have (if they have the items)


Since rounded mechs aren’t that useful now, I doubt someone would copy my build…
Plus it has very “annoying” weaknesses…

And I’m not a YT, but you could find my main mech’s blueprint in thte forums with ease, I showed it a handful of times…


What is your build?


@JamAnime12 and @bestplayerintheworld:

And what about all the newer players who cannot make it into a clan that has the challenge to fight a 3star or higher titan?
What about those new players who are in a clan only capable of fighting 1star or 2star titans?

They, too, cannot farm tickets right now and they are in “real” clans as you put it.
So the problem with the raffle is not an issue about “real” clans and “lone wolf” / “solo” clans.

It is about the issue that there are 1star and 2star titans that do not need tickets to open and that as such the side missions for someone facing those titans do not give any tickets.
So the raffle is not actually available for every player as it should be.


RIP this thread… What happened? lol :joy:


IF ALL would have ALL exact the same, ALL would have the same …

  • a player who plays for 6 years, same as a player who plays 1 hour :exclamation:

Does that make sense for you for a game :interrobang:



Void, Advanced TP, Charge, Iron Hook

(I’m willing to add a Desert Fury, and switch Phys Protector/Heat Protector/Iron Hook for premium counterparts)
(Still unsure if the pair of Beasts would go on this build or my 2ndary…)


I doubt someone who played 1 hour would have access to Clan/Titan features yet…


Nice build m8. how come you use the advanced teleport tho? it’s honestly useless unless you’re trying to get energy damage. I used to use a common teleport before i got my double teleports, that way there was a lower energy cost


They do not have the same chances in PvP, in campaign, in raid or with TITANS.
BUT this is about a RAFFLE for the players - which is something like a lottery.
And so every player should have the possibility to participate without a matter of WHEN they started playing.

As long as someone has opened the first side mission of the first area and is in ANY clan that player should have the possibility to partake in that raffle.

Btw. the player would still have a disadvantage to older players because the lower the side mission the less tickets and the worse the ticket / fuel efficiency as well as that a lower leveled player has lower fuel cap.
So it is already HARDER for those new players to actually get those 50 tickets.
So on what foundation do you deny them even that hard earned possibility?


I use mostly the TP at the beginning of the battle to reposition myself; or when I have spare energy to finish my opponent, when he’s standing on the edge of destruction…like 10 HP and not that much Elec Resistance, to save shots…

And considering my energy cap, be it advanced TP max myth or common lvl 1, I couldn’t it use it after 1 or 2 turns against a Drainer…


That is simple answer. There are clans that rank don’t really mater, yet. They battle 3 star, 4 star, and 5 maybe. It maybe more. It’s easy to get in those clans. Not many are active, yet still play. Most clan leaders are lenient now. They just request a few things that are easy to do. Most only require rank 10 - 8 or 6. The hard core clans require rank 5 - 1.


Nice. I guess I kinda forgot that all legs have movement except for the claw, which are the only ones i use, so i guess that makes sense :joy:


“Only” rank 10… how will some new player that started maybe 1-2 weeks ago be able to fulfill?

Your “only” still demands the new player to have played since quite a while ago and as such completely denies them any participation if they only recently joined SM.


I don’t have Claw, so…I make with what I have ^^

Anyway, I think I’ll keep a Claw for my anti-Phys build, and the others would be myth kibbles, so…^^


I agree that the rates are very low for players. I think all are at a disadvantage. My theory is that there are fake accounts that take the winning. They make the raffle task to get more involve. Not sure, maybe or maybe not So, If I ever win, then I would know that the raffle is legit. :grin:


There are low rank, or beginner, clans that stay in low ranks. They even have a good number of players. There is really no excuse. You don’t even have to ask to join. You just click join and your good. Stop looking for excuses. Just join a clan and complete the easy task. I did it in less then 30 mins. I got lucky. Sometimes my clan is more active if titan was rank 3.


So…you’re advising to leave his solo-clan, just a free aplliance clan, get the tickets, leave the clan, and make again the solo clan ?

Cost a bit of money…