New titan ticket raffle is LIVE


I bet they will say: excuse all reward is 100 tokens or well a lot late


My only reaction when I see this:


Well, I doubt I be a top ten user. I have never won a raffle. Well good luck.


HM… How do I get tickets?

My problem:

See here:

@Ricemech88, @Sarah247 or any SM forum moderator or admin:
Please tell me:
How am I supposed to get tickets?


You forgot @SilverBox , he’s somewhat more active than casual TS’s devs…^^


Can you help me with that issue that I cannot farm any tickets because my Titan is a 2star Titan that does not need tickets and as a result there are no tickets in side missions?


join Trolls :):):slight_smile: 20 smile


Your teem already got tickets for the titan. Looks like your luck ran out. Unless you join another clan that has not completed the task of getting tickets.


RIP @CloudedSunrise


I am in a solo clan!
There is no one except for me in the clan.
The problem lies with what I have described:

1star and 2star titans are open from the beginning!
You do not need any tickets for them.
As a result you cannot farm any tickets because there will be no tickets in the rewards for the side missions.


Join a clan that is like rank 15 players who cant beat OD insane and have like 4 tickets per run on a mission. they prob dont have a fuel cap high enough to even get enough to be half way with tickets


MAYBE it is not the sense from a Clan to be alone in a Clan :interrobang:


Just “maybe” :exclamation:



I’m in a solo clan too, And yes, Clouded’s right

@bestplayerintheworld Maybe the point of a “lone-wolf” clan is to have innate privileges given by clans, without the having to “co-op” with other ppl…


Well I would be in a clan that has to complete that task of tickets.


That is exactly what is totally against the sense of a Clan :exclamation:


why tf are we all so anti-social?? you realize the rewards are so very small compared to those of larger clans, because you yourself wont be able to get to the 100 wins mark by the end of the week. “solo-clanning” is just stupid. If you’re scared of not getting the most amount of the titan coin things, well so what?? you’re not ever gonna be the best in this game, because there are always people who will copy you.


A Loner Clan might have worked 2 years ago, yet not now.


I’m not anti-social, I’m just having fun with my toy Titan, while having a clan flag

The only Rewards that interest me are: Rolling Beasts, Mighty Protector and UltraHot Protector…
Nothing else, except the ashes of SM…

No, it’s just a choice

I’m not, I’m just relaxing by watching my mech being destroyed, while betting against myself how long the AI could hold its ground…

I don’t plan to, I just want to have fun, something some pppl here seems to forgot…



Had to have this raffle the day after I had received the 84 clan coins from the previous titan… :rage::persevere::sob:


Depends on what you want from it…