New titan ticket raffle is LIVE


Get 50 tickets and 10 players will won 1000 tokens!


I must admit, this is a Raffle I wholeheartedly agree with.

I will do my best to achieve this one!

Let’s just make sure, that TS Announces the winners and not to ignore it.



1000 tokens


Yes, you thinkin’ this be a dream?

Well, I hope it isn’t.


I mean, I farm tokens hard anyway, no need for TS to convince me more


No thanks. Farming those side missions is just sick!


Also, it’s not necessary to farm like about 700 Tickets and use some refills.

Reason? Maximum Clan Coins for just tickets is 75, from what I remember that is achievable at only 300 tickets.


It’s for boxes


Are tickets already saved up allowed?..will they be valid?


We have the list of winners of the last raffle …?


In next era maybe :slightly_smiling_face:


i need to gt 50 ticket only right ? so 7x in last mission on normal (it give 8 tickets )


Titanic is sinking due to lack of incentive and interest-huge labor costs and loss of time and resources and negligible result. Muadib increasing interest in conducting another deception. We are lucky that it is not nerf-not directly lose.


The Platinium one ?

Or did I missed a chapter ?

(because PP raffle’s winners were announced, with…a bit of lots of time late…:smiley_cat:)


The raffle of the million gold coins. I have never seen the result.


That’s another story by the way, the results take so long to publish, that if it were not because people insist that they want to know the winners, most could forget that there was a raffle.


Oh, this one ?

I don’t remember…

What was supposed to do to be elligible ?


Uff … I don´t even remember what had to be done!


think it’s a joke, I do not believe reward 1000 tokens

already or result reward 1 M sm ?


They haven’t said anything in about 1-2 hours now, so it’s probably real.