New Titan Idea #1

Destroyer Titan
movement - can’t move
what makes this guy special is he doubles his weapon amount on all 3 variants, both top and side weapons
side weapons (order is physical heat energy)

  • x2 Nightfall 3 uses each x2 Magma Blast 3 uses each x2 Bunker Shell 3 uses each
  • x2 Annihilaton 3 uses each x2 Chaos Bringer 3 uses each x2 BigDaddy 3 uses each
  • x2 seraphblade x2 heronmark x2 brightroar
  • x2 Bloodweep x2 Corrupt Light x2 Malice Beam
    top weapons
  • Mighty Cannon Desert Snake Spinefall
  • Falcon Flaming Scope Lightning Scope
  • x2 night eagle x2 Iron Frenzy x2 Delerium
    any designs for the torso will be much appreciated
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Y’know what, that just sounds way the heck too OP!

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well it has trash defense unless at 6 or 7 stars, in which (6/7)
physical: 35/52 for heat 0/25 for energy and a whopping 78/135 for physical
for heat and energy shuffle the numbers from order of heat>energy>physical>heat

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