New Things that can be Added in the game


Continental Gates:
There should be special gates on every continent . players / teams should be able to capture the gates if a player or team captures gates on two continents he should be able to jump from them instantly and free of costs. This will save time .

Shield outposts:
An op should also be upgraded to a shield generator . This way more players will rejoin BD as they can put their squads under shield for sleep etc . To make it less overpowered the shield charging should be expensive and it should take about 24 ticks after the shield generator is built for it to work…

Servers for newbs:
There should also be servers for newbs where only newbs can play. To check if some old player planted the game should verify IP address as it does to find multis… The reward of such eras should be low to discourage other players from planting…[poll type=regular]

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I like making daring trips from Africa to South America though :frowning:


The idea itself for continental gates is a tad game breaking. The top teams already have the ability to landslide eras quickly. Now imagine if they could landslide 2 fronts because they can instantly move their entire army from China to South America (free of cost too!). However, i wouldn’t mind there being a gate across map again (Alaska to Russia, connecting Antartica, etc). But it would definitely need to be tweaked from the old version as that was a bit game breaking too.

Shield OPs, that could be interesting if done right. As you stated, needs to be expensive and needs to hard (but not impossible) to get. I wouldn’t mind having things added in game to help slow down advancing teams.


What do u think about the other thing I added??


I expect more security to noobs because of my 3rd suggestion


Myself and @Rob spent a lot of time trying to make this a thing :confused:

Sadly the amount of policing the world would take it is unreasonable to do it. However we are always thinking of how to help newer players into the game. For example the BDA which helps newer players find alliances and mentors to help them.


Are the suggestions listened and implemented?
Anyone saw any which was implemented?


Suggestions are rarely implemented unless the whole community wants it.


There has been much talk about a noob only server. As stated before, hard to implement to keep it Noob only. However, we have been looking at how to create such many times. IP alone wouldn’t be enough to separate out. Players would still find ways around it. We’re still workin on ways to do this in some way though :slight_smile:


^^ there were just too many hassles to make it effective. It’s a really cool idea though that I talked with elcent about back in January :stuck_out_tongue:


Why dont you guys convert the old Kong servers to Noob only servers?
There are only 36 players playing in each world.


How would we direct new players over there greeny :stuck_out_tongue:, and how would we control it. It’s not about server space it’s about how the world would be run that’s the issue.


Setting up a new player server would need too many restrictions for it to be a real new player server.
For instance, How do you prevent smurfs? And what about the usual trolls?


Honestly, feel free to spitball ideas out here folks :slight_smile: If you have ways you think might work, don’t be afraid to say it. Use this as a place to find out if that idea really would work (as others will say if it could be broken in anyway)


Currently BD uses email verification to confirm an account.
People could simply use Fake E-mails to make multiple accounts (smurfs).

What if BD is introduced to a mobile verification system? (just an idea, but i would like to hear the cons of it).

It might prevent people from making many accounts to a certain extent right?


Well i have a Solution to this.
1)We can make the new server a invitation only server.The invitation for the server will be distributed in the BDA discord server.
2)The Mentor’s will only be the ones who can make alliances and people who join the alliances have to be verified people on the discord server.
3)@Malicewolf can be made the Admin as he is in BDA.
4)The server can be hosted on kong so even though A team wins a era they cant use any of the token in .com.
The server can be hosted on .com and no token will be awarded for this era.