New Thing in Super Mech


When I was play super mech, I was thinking about how about a U.F.O? So here is my ideas

1 U.F.O. Like head on the U.F.O plane
2 How about spaceship fight in the space?
3 I think we should have black hole weapon
4 I hope that we can have some campaign in space
5 Air crafts!
6 A new drone that cold down the heat

So here is I thoughts.


This is Supermechs… not Superspaceships.



Oh come on Supermechs get invaded by aliens and take over the main brain mech forcing all other mechs to bow to his will. They start to kill each other just for sport. etc etc yada yada!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good idea! How about you make one!( I don’t why this feed back looks mean)


Where’s God Mode



I took him over, he’s now under my control wreaking havoc on you puny humans.


bad grammar , do u even english bro?


I live in U.S.!!


His english is even worse than mine.

######but not as bad as the ideas