New Teleporter idea

Idea for a new Teleporter
Goes from epic to Mythic, but does physical damage. No energy drain or anything.
At Epic has range 1, At Legendary has range 2, And at mythic has range 3.
Still 1 charge, Still cost energy, Maybe cost some heat too?

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Range 3? Heckin nope

Range 3? I’d rather walk there lol

Better that it be without power consumption to function …

With ranges, @STARWULPH it refers to levels of evolution of the item, no the reach…

So I guess some peeps don’t get it, so here goes
All teleports currently have range 1. That’s the distance damage will be dealt on arrival.
The idea is to have a teleport that can do damage from farther away at higher rarities.

By an expansive shock, like a bomb,
even if it explodes from a distance, something will always harm you?

Well,my friend…Let me tell you:
A teleporter like that wouldn’t be just unrealistic as it would be simply useless for the matter.
Strong disagree from me.

I got it dude, no need to explain the range lol