New teleport idea to go with new charge

so we have a new charge engine that does like as much damage as nightfall…
what about a teleport that does 1 dmg even to no resist mechs and pushes them 2 spaces
it pushes them even if you don’t teleport right next to them
starts at epic lvl1
ends at epic lvl1

Interesting idea, but I think it somewhat hinders purpose of teleport for most builds. This idea sounds like a buffed charge labelled as a teleport =P


next day

TS: hey there new teleport
Community: mmm okay
TS: its have x2 damage of advanced teleport
Community: 0_o
TS: and it’s only mythical tier and cost real money!
Community: shotgun noises


I see where you’re going.

As where charge pushes the opponent to the opposite side yet keeping you on his current side and where the Teleport doesn’t push yet allows you to switch from the enemy’s left to right,this does both.

Neato.Sounds good,doesn’t work.




The old school Teleporter that Did no damage and only weighed 1. No energy cost either. That be sick.


why not a teleport that does the same dmg as sce but energy and 1 drain?

  • Make it L-M
  • Single use
  • consume 10 energy
  • Bunker Shell’s damage
  • Valiant sniper’s drain

Done , thank me later

I think I see the problem here… Nice concept but you’re forgetting that good modules need to deal unnecessarily high damage. So, it would be better if the teleport also did the same damage and energy drain as a Malice Beam. Also, make it infinitely spammable with no cost whatsoever.


  • D-D
  • Infinite use
  • Infinite range
  • Dissolver/Armor Annihalator resist drain
  • No cost
  • Falcon damage
  • EMP drain
  • Valiant regen damage
  • Hybrid Energy cap damage


  • Heatbomb heat
  • Vandal cooling damage
  • Hybrid Heat cap damage

hi i new…

We dont need more items

We can always use more items Ghosty
Im still waiting for the Unrepaired Heat Ray Portal

imagine actually an teleport with backfire that only consumes certain health on ussage and not energy or heat…

if that ever happens, say bye bye to old teleport…