New technical ideas!


Hellow u guys, i think it is just Time to Send u some ideas about Ur Favorite Word u know…SUPERMECHS.

The Game is really nice and does a Lot of fun and It is of course a good thing to get loose some Time.Grinn
But there are somethings wich that think are little incomplete means the Technical Equipments.
U will soon Know what i mean when you read the
This Textes down there.

Heatcompensor: This could be an normal and mythical Advance. Equiped it could use an part of the regular Regeneration Energy to lower the Heat wich Players Weaponanry cause.
Like for exsamble: if a weapon does create an Heat by 30 units so the compensor mark 1 lowers it down about 5 percent while using 10 percent of the regerenation Energy.
It is Up to the Spupermechs Team to Regualate the percental Steps from usual Items up to Mythicals.

Energycompensor: This will make the same Like the Heatcompensor only for energy

Flamelable Rounds: These are Rounds for All Guns wich are using Bullets to make Damage

Lighting Rounds: Same thing only with additional Energy Damage

Armor Piercing Rounds: Does Additional Physical Damage

Rustblade: A sword wich efect a new type of Damage Rusting a Mechs hitpoints apart if it move a direction or use mealy Weapons

Could be in purpur color.

Acidhammer: Used to deal an konstant damage to the Opponent Every Round Could be in a Green Color

Balancing Resistance Unit: A Unit Espacialy to use on Fix Negative Resistances using the slot of an grapling hook to compensate all negative resistances a Mech has got At the beginning of a Fight. With one Use

Advanced usage amunition: one point of usage for rocket and bullet Weapons

Advanced Beam usage Gerator to get an usage point for every Beam Weapon like this long piped ones i forgot the name of and resitance drainers.

Full mech armor : - One Movement, plus 150 Armor

High End Engine : + 1 Movement rate, - 150 Armor

So guy as think this Enough to make urself some Thoughts about. UNTIL NEXT time… THAT WASNT The REST OF IT .


mmm of your post i can see some things:

1.- you are energy user or physical one.
2.- you hate heat.
3.- you love your godmode or your diamondshell.

your heat compresor, well is a nice dream but make things more OP, example: metalshedder mk2, will have 10-0 heat, -4 resist and 100-140dmg for only 10 rockets, plus flameable rounds or piercing ones will be supercool but at the same too nasty to beat.


No , thats not my oppinion. Look Amorpiercing rouns are should only made as buttelts.
The same to famable rounds will not change the weapon static abbillities still the weapon heat producing to an opponent


The Heatkompensor could be stronger establischen like i wrote in more marks until mythical so percental benefit will be better the higher level this equipment pointet


only change the weapon, in place of msmk2 put a neddle blaster, is the same (15 bullets for 0 heat o energy -3 resist and make it do heat or more dmg with piercing bullets!!!) good ideas but make op things more nasty op.


mmm so its like a perk for weapons?

could be good if is a perk.

in that case could be better a perk permanent shield, buyed with 200 tokens with a combined lost of energy and gain heat, 10% of damage.

or a permanent cooling and regeneration perk giving you some extra percent of your own stat, like 25% more.


Thats more interessting i thing becoause there more possibilties to use or combin special equipnents and modules while there is such an Huge Amount of items wich uselless or to heavy

Only an Info: I dont prefer Godmode torsos or diamond shell torsos only i rather use sometimes goldclass torsos or mythical or Standart. U cant put me in some Classes because iam not up to


Look its easy. Just creAte it as perk and look how it works if the Customizing is going well it could come out as a 1- 15 lev item . It schouldet be so heavy to explain the computer the percental calculating to those extrafuntions.

Other wise we could start those items like only low level class items and whatch how it goes


i can put you in every place than i want because is only an opinion :slight_smile: that make me thing your post, and i say it : “of your post i can see some things:”. if you like or not those things is not my bussines, is just what your post make us thing about the person who posted it.

tip: dont take it too personal, is bad for your mindhealt :slight_smile:


Ok, iam not a classifieing Mechplayer I just combine my mechs like i think it could be good😉nothing more.Iam not angry or something about replies. JUS understand my from an guest. An guestplayer who see everthimg from optical not personally😎




well sir guest player, next time you dream weapons for a game, go inside, see how the players mix the existent items and how you can make it better, because for guest minds the game has lot of items than are unnecesary, lot of memory in program wasted and hidde items without access door like color kits( yeah they still are in game but we can buy it).


No i expliain it you tomorow


zzzzz nah, keep the explain :imp:


I play super about 2 n half years and so i just not found the xorum or hadnt the time or bith take it like u want