New Sword: Avenging AshBlade

This weapon would have a unique special when equipped, Parry
Parry: if hit by a melee, missile, or grenade attack while parrying, counterattack with half damage taken and normal damage dealt. can only be used twice per battle
Max Myth stats
Damage: 281 - 373
heat damage: 62
heat cost: 75
energy cost: 25
resist drain: 8 (13 if riposting)
weight: 57 kg
if too op let me know


Maybe Parry would be a better name for the gimmick? And would drones activate it?

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  1. riposte is another word for counter but i will change the name to parry
  2. nope. drones wouldn’t activate it. only the following weapons would trigger the ability
  • the swords
  • the axes
  • the hammers
  • missiles
  • grenades
    snipers ignore the effect
    and all other weapons the damage is halved only
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lower the base damage a little, maybe 200-300-ish because lets say you get hit by 2 bunker shells they would do around 500-700 damage, half is 250-350 dmg, add that to 370 dmg, you basically have the equivalent of a 2 use falcon.

i wouldnt want to bring in b/p/d mechanics in this (block, parry, dodge)

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hmm, you have a good point

it reflects the rocket, taking half of the damage, and dealing half. it doesn’t do the actual weapon damage unless it is a melee weapon

Parry this you filthy casual



In the first place, you are not really supposed to make the stats for that weapon.

There is math that can be done and it’s done by Tacticsoft.

As an idea, the parry would be very interesting if done properly.

However I would suggest instead of that parry, simply to bring shields back with more gadget slots.