NEW Supermechs Update Pictures Analysis

They have uploaded the new SM Reloaded pictures on Google playstore, go check it.
Update didn’t come out yet

Going to the important part

  • There are no hints of Color kits in the pictures (Not adding back?)
  • Items are twice stronger than our current mythicals (Shown in the pictures)
  • There is a picture that shown some of the item cards, it had The BackBreaker, a mythical hammer (I thought you couldn’t get mythicals from boxes anymore after the update)
  • New chat boxes?
  • Campaign missions look the same but they said “UNLOCK UNIQUE MISSIONS”, possible hints of DUNGEONS?
  • No hints of new perks
  • A level 44 player has 950,000 XP, which means a level 50 could have 1,500,000 xp?
  • Mythicals could be upgraded to more than level 40?

That’s all I know from the pictures

Edit: On the bottom right of the inventory picture shows a pair of ORANGE legs. If it’s level 36, shouldn’t the color be black or something? Is this a possible leak of COLOR KITS? Same thing applies to the red USA MK1 in the pic


Here are the pictures if you don’t have an Android device



what’s the diff???

What’s with the green mech then? :stuck_out_tongue:
(“Join epic PvP fights” picture; it’s probably not a campaign mech because “PvP” means “player vs player” :stuck_out_tongue:)

Seems like the devs accidentally named the “Yoshimo card” “Burning Harpoon” on the mythical item box picture, etc… :smiley:

It may be “just for the looks” on the picture… :smiley:

they also named the common legs grenade launcher, that may not be an accident?
Also green mech is the mission ai they are always green in normal mission around the start

The Update Looks Awesome…Color Kits Would Be There because look at the hellfire and his legs in the pictures…

that could just be the colour from upgrading

Just a few more days and you will know the answer… :slight_smile:

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More Days …Or Tomorrow? :slight_smile:

I hope it is tomorrow because I don’t want to wait any longer

New hell fire armor looks fat and ugly as hell

whos edit this picture?

he -> im.