New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)


Good game @Super_Yeeter


Gg @Bahaeddine_Jaaouani


GG multiple times @Super_Yeeter!


Gg @woop2


And just WHEN will this begin?


It’ll be a while, so put it out of your mind.


Let’s call it the C.O.A.T.


Uhhh… it’s been many, many weeks. Hurry it up so I can get my tokens when I win. NOT IF. x_x


I would go against you for ideas rn, if you want.


This tournament may start in mid of June because I need to prepare for my final exam


I will join. I’ll send my mech’s loadout and screenshot later in PM


And you can have a free test with everyone btw:)
And get ready to sign up


let’s make this tournament the biggest one that has been organized here.

with clear and specific rules.

and a battalion draw system that determines the start.
and not that it’s an arranged tournament.

let’s make it fun, while more participants will be better do it in 2 rounds each battle without equal to 1 -1 fight a final battle.

Take your time to organize things without rushing and racing and you will see that something very good will come out.

That way I will encourage you to participate.


This is sound good bro
But I will play 3 round with the all range(1,3,5)
Because some player will think they just have luck range,and it is not fair
So I will create 3 round battle to see who will win
If someone win the first 2 round or win any 2 battle with different range,he or she can fight in next round


Any1 wanna test with me? IGN SpartanAureus.


I want to 1vs1, let’s meet in german chat.


k then, letsa go. :crossed_fingers:

Edit: Still waiting…


Anyone want to test? I’ll meet in global chat


I can fight in 5 minutes.


Thanks mate, I revised mech as a heater