New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)


Hello anyone want to test right now? I have an idea but want to try it out.


That totally won’t let him adapt builds


I AM speechless because of how dumb you sound rn


Hey don’t slam people, go 1v1 and we can bounce ideas off one another to get the best mech we can possibly get


didnt you understand? As ppl can use weapons that are not allowed in goats, he wont win anything by adapting them except if they dont use the forbitten weapons…that I dont think anyone would skip these as they are allowed in this Tournament


What tournament?


:man_facepalming: c’est quoi ce thread la?




um…j’ai refreshe (v.refresher) mon page d’SM et j’ai realise que j’ai obteni un prem box…est ce que tu l’as pareil?


The topic that this whole topic is based on XD


do u also have a free prem box in the unclaimed boxes area mr.Rambo?


No? Im gnna check now brb


No i dont :frowning:


Maybe my account is must wait for 1-4 week can return…
So this tournament will start after 1-2 month


it falls in a paralel date with the GOAT Tournament


mr.Rambo u is poor lel


I know lol i need tokens and money


Its coz i just started upgrading mortalbullet


cool…I have 2600+ tokens and 10 mill + gold but…no good items


Pls share with me :frowning:


lets trade
you gimme weapons I give you tokens