New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)


Also… BTW, are there any banned items?


Heat boom and emp only


Ooh I wish to join : )

Edit: I think I have a mech… Anyone want to test?


Well spotted. I didnt notice.


Pretty much limited to what you can do considering the game itself is the base being utilised for any form of creativity.


You’ll need to be more precise.A tournament should have fixed rewards.

This will be interesting,although I can already see problems.

You see,even when we had the real tournament with epic items,sometimes we’d run out of weapon uses.Now,even if we give up on mods (which will be hard to do),we won’t have enough uses on our weapons (even if we plant unlimited-use weapons,we’ll need use-restricted weapons to make the transition between the two).

With just 850 kgs,the best we can do is build counters.Or roundeds without any weapons,of course,but that doesn’t work.So,as a consequence,the battles will be luck-based,just like the arena screens are for counter-build users.


I have a strong rounder hahah with tonto


I might join now.


I will join this tournament



He’s just using others to find a good 850kg build so he can adapt it into a 1000kg for the real goat


I’ll join this tournament


i would like to join


@TheBlackMan,I’m in.Sending you the build via PM in a second.


I hope this light BOAT tournament is supported, it looks interesting


you are not being nice there


@TheBlackMan check your discord


Tell me what I said that hurt you so badly


not me, but shohoku, spelling out a misguaded idea about the purpose of his thread insults his honour…


“misguided” is key here


@WinzKay in Shohoku’s tournament only emp and hb are not allowed, all the other items (firefly,electrolyte,tonto and all the frantic weapons and the new shotguns too are allowed)
so how can he seek for build ideas for the GOAT as all these weapons are not allowed in it??

Ooooooooooo speechless :open_mouth: