New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)


Could not the max weight even drop to 500 kg ( still too much for a feather ) but it would be even more fun .

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That is like torso, leg plus one or two weapons.


It will may only 1weapon build only :joy:


no further comment.


All item is lv1 epic or below only



Pretty funny :exclamation:



Could I join? or is it too late? Also do I have to be a specific arena rank…? Otherwise yeah I would love to join if I can…


How are the tokens going to work


Cough its still much time left.


Read the rules plz they are not to asked by others when they are there. :joy::grin::grin::joy:


Sorry, :sweat_smile: I just want to know I have to be in a specific clan or have a certain rank (not in rules)… and also on my chromebook discord is blocked :sob:


Be your mech lighter than 850 kg and all items at lvl 1 epic or less and you good to go .


Ugh, always with the “keep your purple items” event.

My inventory space is limited as it is, I’m trying to myth stuff which means I need legendaries, thus any purples in my inventory don’t last too long. It’s the reason I skipped the last goat too.

One day there will be a “keep your yellow items” event and I will be the king of it.


Anybody know the max HP you can reach with just purple items BTW? Just trying to get an idea of how much damage I’d need to be able to deal if I was to join.


Behold the mighty dual wielding nightfall, rock recoiler that looks like a cyclops, so I shall call him Cyclops, I made from the scraps in my inventory!


i want entry, but my account be hacked :'v


Plate is not lvl1 buy one at Titan.


no max out epics like you plate higest is lv 1


Well … this is openly a plagiarism of the GOAT tournament.

Even if the GOAT author gave his approval, second part isnt good.

Plagiarism shows a lack of intellectual originality. Since there seems to be no neurons to create something new, then it´s copied.


Lol, I have so many epics lying around, IDK what to do with them. Soon…Soon…I will be buying some prem packs with the tokes I win…