New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)


Yeah me too

I’m not joining soz pal


I did inquire, it isnt possible anymore to transfer toks from BD to SM or the other way around.



What do this means exactly ?

For Your Information ?


Yes, widely used term.




So, anyone signing up?

Fyi to receive tokens you just need to give him your username and password.


Sorry - but this is a NO-GO :exclamation:

Beside that tacticsoft even warn about, that you never should do, even IF we could trust a player 100%, WHY we should tell someone these details :exclamation:



Sorry, the sarcasm wasnt showing on that one.


Don’t care did I will send the tokens to the winner
I am pm with @Berserk40000 alreally,he will support me


its not fucking copyrighted.

people have been doing these sorts of tournaments before el metre and, if the game survives, they’ll be doing it after him aswell. you don’t need his permission.


even those that have logged on to bd are also detatched. the gato payment system is entirely sperate to the tacticsoft payment system and they don’t allow the other’s currency to be spent in their game regardless of whether you played battledawn before or not. I tested this out already, tokens from sm dont appear in bd anympore or vice versa.

you would need the dev’s intervention to send tokens in sm now or litterally send the other person the money to buy their own.


I want to join this tourunament


boy, what a coincidence, I just lost an account and I had to go to another one that la and noob and I have an epic full robot I did not do anything


I asked BD admin or whatever he is and you cant transfer tokens anymore. How you gonna give tokens to winners?


im in i already have a mech


I am pm with @Berserk40000
If they support me,the tournament can start to sign and battle!


Well wish you best of luck then :wink:


Also if there is a winner here,they can fight to me
If the winner beat me,he/she can get double token reward
Because you know that I am strong at building mech and battle skill,so it will hard for you


I go and participate in this lottery, but I’m sure I will not win


Do you get enough epic item to build your mech?
Also you can test with other player to know what can u improve