New Super Light Tournament (with tokens reward)

Hello everyone!

Here we go with the first Super Light Tournament.
Tournament is independent and organized just by me.
I really liked great skill challenge because i would like to see talent and skillful in this game.

Enough talking here, we go with the rules:

                 Mech requirements:
  1. Items maximum level is lvl 1 epic. You can use and upgrade common and rares but epics must stay at lvl 1
  2. Maximum 850 kg! It is feather tournament so weight limit is 850 kg (851 or more is not allowed).
    Here is my mech building example

    (We fight 1vs1 so you need only one mech.)
    4.No Heat Boom and EMP in your mech equipment
                     How tojoin

-write a reply that you join tournament
-send me a PM message containing in forum or pm with me in discord and screenshots of your mech in message.
Important - you need to do 1 screenshot in each category (body, side weapons, top weapons etc.) and every screenshot must contain overall stats of mech.
Update: also send you arena shop bonuses so I can check if you are not upgrading your modules!

There are no restrictions for arena bonuses, as I don’t have any good ideas what to do with them to make it more fair, nor I found any in the forums.

Registration time is one week. Then in 48 hours I will post who fights with who. After that you have 48 hours to do each stage.
RECORD YOUR FIGHT - it is very important, if your opponent try to do something illegal it will be better if you have it recorded.

Battle rule

Each player must fight with opponent for 3 round(range 1,3 and 5)which is fight with all range
If the player win the first 2 battles,then he or she can fight in next round
Also there must no pad in my tournament
So if you see the pad in battle,please quit and fight andother battle until there is no pad in the battle


I will send great tokens to the winner.
Ps:More player join this tournament,i will give more token reward to the winner(50 tokens reward each of the player to join my tournament)
And there is a special level for you guys,if the winner can beat me,you can reward 2x,4x or 8x tokens reward!:slight_smile:
Here is my challenge mode

Safe mode
If you win,you will get double tokens reward
If you lose,it will nothing change

Risk mode
If you win,you will get 4x tokens reward
If you lose,you will lose half of tokens reward

Dangerous mode
If you win,you will get 8x tokens reward
If you lose,you will lose all tokens reward,so you can’t get any token reward

The winner can choose one of the challenge mode to fight me
Please think carefully for challenge mode to fight with me!!!

Hope you guys like this new super light goat tournament! :grinning:


Uuuuh…does @El_Metre Agree with this?..Approve?

I talk with him alreally
He just say good luck to me
And he not support me




i create this 850kg tournament because i need to see how they can build the light mech


Just saying, I’m not entering (I barely have any epics atm lol…)…I used them to make Myth Food…

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see the number of players join my tournament

Purchased Tokens can be transferred?..I think so?

Can anyone Confirm this?

Good community event Blacky.

Well defined rules.

Maybe you should rename it without “goat”, for people not to mix it with the goat tourny.

Good luck.


How about:
Super Light BOAT Tournament?

BOAT = Best Of All Time

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Cried thinking about a possible “boat perk”, for a lightweight tourny…


Is this possible? BattleDawn is no longer part of Tacticsoft and the BattleDawn Admins have already dettached any accounts from SuperMechs from their BattleDawn servers unless you’ve logged on previously into BattleDawn.

I don’t believe that you can send tokens in any way anymore.

In the case that you STILL can send tokens, I hope you realise that you can not send Bonus tokens but can send Supporter tokens. Bonus tokens are obtained through the game like Raid and daily missions whereas Supporter Tokens are the tokens you have obtained through transactions using real money. If you are a F2P player, then you can never send tokens.



600 + 2000 + 6400 + 19200 = 28200 tokens :exclamation:

  • From where you will get them :question:

  • How you will send them :question:



if 4 people join, winner gets 150 tokens

If 8 people join, winner gets 250 tokens

if 16 players join, winner gets 400 tokens

if 32 players join, winner gets 600 tokens

But as long as it’s not confirmed by Elcent or whoever knows this stuff, I think the winner will get 0 tokens :joy:


Does this go for modules too?

Work smarter, not harder


Stil the question how to send the tokens to the winner, if the winner does not play Battledawn :exclamation:

Plus @Alexander wrote about that they splitted most accounts from both games now :exclamation:



Aww @TheBlackMan

why did you remove this?

Well i wish you good luck.