🐛 New strange bug


Going through some menu / infos I cannot click on the “x” of some windows from Supermechs :exclamation:

I mean I can click, but nothing happens :exclamation:


I am the only one expierencing this, or others have also this issue since today :interrobang:


P.S.: Zoom also do not work in game battles anymore :exclamation:

@Sarah247 @SilverBox


I couldn’t click “x” either. I had to refresh.

You could click everything else EXCEPT THE X BUTTON


You see that “Notifications” thing at the corner?

If you zoom in, that disappears right? Well yeah, but the “hitbox” of it doesn’t disappear.

Basically if you click on this spot :

Anything that is in there won’t be clickable because that little sh*t is in the way but invisible.


Yes, I mentioned that also somewhere …

… but this here is a new issue, and let you not click on …

  • some “x” to close some SuperMechs windows (on the right side)

  • the “zoom” in battle




I found out where the issue is specific @Sarah247 and @SilverBox

  • Google Chrome

  • you cannot click on some functions anymore sometimes

  • this issue is since 2 days now

… if you do F11 / Fullscreen you are able to click it :exclamation:

So something about Fullscreen function and all clickable at the Flash game is broken since 2 days (an update from you) :exclamation:



I can’t reproduce this. Can you please take a video of this?


Another question is whether there are hidden modules for using the user resource, which block the player and browser or load the video card due to incorrect operation?


The subscription box has become invisible and is obstructing the screen.



It is still a thing, cannot click on certain windows from SuperMechs :exclamation:

Also not on “Campaign” or “Battle” in Campaign :exclamation:

This issue started since the “Subscribe for SuperMechs New & Updates” window is always seeable and you cannot close it :exclamation:

So since this new “window” is always in the foreground, and the described issue can be fixed with “F11 / Fullscreen” I am pretty sure there is the problem … about this new “windows” always being in the foreground and certain functions / windows are not clickable anymore sometimes :exclamation:



Hi sarah,

This is when in the expanded screen mode I believe. essentially the area marked in a red box is unusable as it is blocked by a button that can’t be seen. You can tell its there as when hovering over it in this screen your mouse changes to show you there is a button.

Users are suggesting that the offending button is this one as marked below:

You can see that prepositionally they are the same location (the red boxes) but using the expanded screen mode (first screen shot) the subscribe button covers an area of the game making it hard to use back buttons.

Please let me know if you need further detail for this.


Yes @Elcent, but “somehow” also aeras / locations are not clickable far away from this new thing “Subscribe for SuperMechs News & Updates” :exclamation:

  • like I said as example the “Campaign” or the “Battle” in Campaign are not clickable also sometimes :exclamation:

  • the issue is with NOT using the expanded screen mode :exclamation:

  • using F11 / Fullscreen allows you to click these unclickable “x” “Campaign” “battles” (thats how I still play)

  • but sometimes all works, sometimes not

My guess is still it must have to do with this new Notification always being in foreground, BUT indirectly, because also other areas and locations (windows from Supermechs as 1 example the “x” to close) are not clickable :exclamation:

I hope that helps :exclamation:



Ok … just noticed a very strange thing, which also says that the issue is 100 % at SuperMechs side …

  • Campain-frame

  • if I go into the blue area of the Campaign-frame with the curser (not clicking) it “activate” (map get a little bigger) this Campaign-frame … clicking there is possible :exclamation:

  • BUT if you are over the map in this Campaign-frame, you can’t click, AND the map get smaller again :exclamation:

Strange … more details I cannot give, now its your part tacticsoft to fix it :exclamation:


Edit : even more strange, BUT only if you come from left side with your curser, this above described is like that, coming from the right side with the curser you even cannot click the blue area in this “Campaign”-frame :bangbang:

Edit2: @Sarah247
Haha … searching the exact boarder of this coming-with-the-curser-from-left-or-right-side-thing, gave me the clue …

  • Google-Chrome

  • ZOOM 150%

So, somehow your 2 new features …

  • "Subcribe … "

  • “Expanded button”

… get toooo big with Zoom 150%, but it does it unvisible, so it covers areas you can clearly see :exclamation:

1000 tokens only for all that work to figure this out for you :exclamation:



is that your account i’m seeing?


that dont make no sense



That makes no sense …

… but if you did not understand it, you can feel free to ask about what you did not understand :exclamation:



@bestplayerintheworld @Elcent - I have tried to reproduce this don’t see to be able to.
If possible message me over a video and I will take a look.