New Special Red Boost - THE SUPERMAN BOOST!

  • i need this cuz i’m superman
  • nope. don’t want this

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ok, so here’s probably a controversial suggestion. but a suggestion i’m putting out there because it can help generate cash for this game which i love so much.

i am calling for a special red boost. an option in addition to the ones we already have in place; however this boost must also be signed off by the admin for it to get activated.

  • Red boost name: Superman boost
  • Value of boost: 15000 reds
  • This boost works only after tick 500!!!
  • This boost works only for players who have not planted in a world yet but want to play there active!!! but they don’t want to start fresh after tick 500.
  • Boost resources offered to player:
    (a) castle with resources: 5000 gold, 5000 lumber, 250 mana, 800 workers
    (b) castle with army: 5 AI squads, 5 AC squads, 5 AH squads of whichever chassis player may request
    © castle with all structures completely built
    (d) user gets to place their castle anywhere they want on the map but has to get admin’s OK to generate fairness. [so not on the absolute frontlines. :P]

obvious advantages offered by boost:

  • players can avoid the painstaking building up of structures and armies needed to participate in a round and come immediately into the mercenary part of the game, which is what makes this game enjoyable to many.

i feel i have ironed out possible imbalances this boost can introduce into the game as well in my above suggestions.

thank you all for your time and your valuable votes whether favourable or not!


lol xyz. with 15k reds…you can get a colony built with all structures in like a hundred ticks…and far more units then 15 squads with plenty of tokens to spare



may be but you don’t get an instant army ready for action. :wink:

boosts have to be adjusted to bring balance. think that is my balance.

of course this suggestion can be modified by admin Alexander to get a better balance. but for now, the principle is what i want voted yes! rest can be fixed later.

and principle is money for the game. :wink: and enjoyment for the players who want to actually get direct into the dirty part of the game - the warring… :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a good idea
But what does it mean tho? :joy::joy:


So plo can now plant people and get them ready to war within ticks. No thanks