New special quest is LIVE (12.10)


relic is a bd term which I think is where they pinched it from. in bd there are 10 relics, dropped at random times throughout the era. the first alliance to capture all ten relics win the era.


finally got this little boi


Now there are some truly excellent ideas.

Upping arena awards is something that is long overdue. IMO, getting a random legendary for every ~100 wins (no time limit) would make pvp way more attractive. I’d gladly accept matching R1 players at R3 for something like that. It happens already anyway lol.


drinking stella, as a mass market product, kills the perception of irony and sarcasm. “Cobain”, as an Irish-Scot, you necessary to use reviver of traditional strong drinks , opening space for creativity and contributing to the writing of all sorts of songs, ballads and poems. :wink:

Actually here’s what else I want to mention: the time and effort spent on the passage 50 fights in the arena, the remuneration noticeably lose conventional farming, with the development of epic to legend.