New special quest is LIVE (12.10)

Hey, a relic is still a relic. Except that the mission is impossible, I’m fine with it.

Oh joy, what fun. I love arena quests. It brings all the mythed out mechs down into the low teens to wreck us lowbies. I don’t know if I am even going to finish my dailies today. 1 win in the last 45 minutes of matches facing a non stop parade of 2k hp mechs. Sigh…

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Takes 2 minutes of waiting to find a match with smurfs.

:musical_note: Where did it come from? Where’d the pack go?

Where did it come from? Yellow butthole. :musical_note:

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but they are crazy the admins,wtf ??? ah
it makes you think old song:
but you are crazy, oh yes

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This update is for all y’all bitchin about a guaranteed legy.

Well here ya go

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Lol… it’s a joke! Is the worst of legends… Worst than epic power kit or any epic EM.


To be honest i made 100 wins a day, on rank 8-7 , when it gave me fun :grin:

But yes average ( khem khem casuals) players
Will need about 5 days.

But its easy to make in 2 days.
25 wins/day

About 2 hours camping.

Was lil bit boring, but relic here u go.


In the time it takes to get 50 arena wins, I can make a legendary the normal way, with maybe 2% of the stress pvp would give me.

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mi pregunta es para que sirve la reliquia

por primera ves llego al rango 9 gane 3 seguidas estaba en el 10 y subi al nueve todo por esa reliquia XD

I think this has/will bolster the number of participants in the arena, at least in the mid to lower ranks. And, giving an item that will help mid to lower tier players in getting their mechs up is never a bad thing. I think too many people are seeing this as a quest they either can’t do because of their high ranking, won’t do because they don’t like the reward or can’t do because they don’t think they have the time to accomplish the task in the allotted time.

However, I believe that a lot of players who are in those lower to mid ranks clawing and scratching to get up into those higher tiers to give you lot who complain about wait times a go for their money, or at the very least a free win, will participate and earn this reward.

If you want immediate results in your issue with wait times at higher ranks, then you have to be able to allow for such quests and reward opportunities to be had for those below you in order for them to more quickly make up ground and get to your level. Sure, today it’s just a relic. But, maybe the developers will see the participation this brings at the lower levels and realize that providing such opportunities can and will help bridge the gap between players and balance out the arena and it’s wait times.

Just my long drawn out thoughts. Take care.

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Do you know Hellfest ?
Because today and tomorrow will be the SM’s counterpart: Derankfest :smile_cat:

Derankfest is a feast where a lot of high or top rank players derank to get the 50 wins, on the back of the new/less powered players…making the 5 wins a lot harder to complete for them, not to say the 50…even on 2 days…

And for everyone who wonder what’s this creation of Devil called “Transform Relic” (althrough they’s less devilish than before…), read this:

If you still have questions, feel free to ask

Well [email protected]#$ me man i ain’t doing thí

I spent a few hours in arena yesterday to accomplish this achievement. It was Saturday in any case, and I always aim for R1 on that day. I have to admit that I was astonished at how quickly I was able to get battles during the time I was playing.

It felt like an actual game.

Although I think it was mainly due to being Rank 3-2 and having access to more players through the matchmaking system, I will admit that it was probably this achievement that drove numbers up.

What this shows, is that TS can revive the game by giving at least something of value to the players who are willing to grind PvP. If arena numbers remain steady at a decent level, then they have a game. Otherwise it’s boring AF with no players online.

Also, I believe the matchmaking system should group R1-3 players as being evenly matched. This would reduce waiting times for R1 players, and provide opportunity for the lower ranked players to get experience with the top players and learn the weaknesses and builds. Honestly, I fear the R3-R2 players players more than the tops. They also seem strong and capable, and many have an even chance at winning.

Giving a legendary item for every 50 arena wins is a sure way to revive this game. TS has to look past being stingy and think long term here.


relic is a bd term which I think is where they pinched it from. in bd there are 10 relics, dropped at random times throughout the era. the first alliance to capture all ten relics win the era.

finally got this little boi

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Now there are some truly excellent ideas.

Upping arena awards is something that is long overdue. IMO, getting a random legendary for every ~100 wins (no time limit) would make pvp way more attractive. I’d gladly accept matching R1 players at R3 for something like that. It happens already anyway lol.


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Actually here’s what else I want to mention: the time and effort spent on the passage 50 fights in the arena, the remuneration noticeably lose conventional farming, with the development of epic to legend.