New special quest is LIVE (12.10)


50 arena wins for a relic?


beats me?


I for one find this very useful for my f2p account. So, huzzah! :smiley:


Whats that kind of price ?


50 battles with no players online. Very tall order!


What a prize. As stated by good bro, with the waiting time currently faced, especially its pussi day today, itd take like 1 week to collect those wins


So whats that relic good 4 ?


Exactly bro , I mean TacticSoft sometimes give us less time on these kind of special quests than it should be , Like it should atleast give us 5 days , Wtf?


I think transforming a something from epic straight to legendary , WIthout boderring yourself with boosting it with common items till it reaches it’s maximum level , To finally be able to transform it , you just use that , and straightly transform the item from Epic to legendary , even from Common , To legendary i think , Cuz i never got the chance to win it and use it


Can only be used as a mything up material (in the stead of legies)… thats all.


at least we got 2 days to get there. Time to drop some ranks!


yesterday 2 hours to make 7-8 fights… 2 hours * 12 is 24 hours … 1 day on game for a leg food?


Somehow you always make my day when I’m moody.

Thanks :grin:


I’ll do this one, I haven’t gotten a Relic even once, because I missed that event lol

And no, not in miss as in I want it back.


Had some interesting battles with you lately. Thanks


Yeah!!! First time that I beat you!!! Ahahah. It was a miracle!!!


I don’t think first. But anyway, nice to battle with you always. GG mate.


Me too!!! I’m growing a little bit for time!


50 wins worth hours and hours of struggling for one shitty relic?
Make it 3 and I might struggle.One is not worth so much trouble.


Loooool…they makes me laugh with that !!!

No tokens… No coins… No premium pack… Not even a single power kit… 1 glorious relic X 50 PvP…!!! It’s a joke…