New Special Item idea: Reflectors

This might be a horrible idea but here goes:
Ok, so my idea would be a special item called a reflector, that would weigh 30kg.

It would be placable in the same section of items as drone, hook, etc. It would take a turn to activate just like a drone.

There would be 3 versions of it, one for each damage type. The type of reflector only functions with its corresponding damage type. For example, energy reflector would only function with energy damage.

It would take a certain percentage of the damage you take and put that on to the other mech.

This would not reduce any damage done to you.

Anway, here are the stats:
Common-rare version stats
Common lvl1: 5%
Common lvl10: 7%
Rare lvl1: 8%
Rare lvl 20: 10%

Epic-mythical version stats:
Epic lvl1: 11%
Epic lvl30:14%
Legendary lvl1: 15%
Legendary lvl40: 19%
Mythical lvl1 20%
Mythical lvl 50: 26%

Any decimals would be rounded up to the nearest 1 damage

This is how the damage would be dealt:
The reflector will take the percentage of each individual hit of the oppenents turn, add those together, and at the very end of the oppenent mechs turn, fire and do that damage.
For example, You have a max mythical reflector, you go first, you activate the reflector on your first turn.
Then the opponent goes, he hits you with 2 weapons, each one doing 120 damage. The total damage output would be 26% of 120+ 26% of 120, or 31.2+31.2
This would equal 62.4, which would round up to 63 damage.
He fires his weapons, does his damage, and then before you make your first move, the reflector fires, doing 63 damage. Note that the reflector firing is the first thing that happens on your turn. If you die, then you do not go into your turn, so the reflector does not fire. This prevents both players dying at same time.

Side note: If both mechs have reflectors, the reflector will not consider and deal damage from the opponents reflector.

So, the stats would all have the same percentages for the energy, heat and physical versions.

I created this as like a way to help counter 1 type of mech.

  • Great Idea
  • Good, I have some weight/stat change ideas (comment them)
  • Nope

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Soylent has ruined the vote…Curses! XD

What if both players die at the same time?

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I edited post so this does not happen

It should work like the drone.

  • Cost 1 move to activate
  • Reflected damage will be sent back at the end of the opponent’s turn - AFTER the opponent’s drone had fired.

That way either the attacker wins by destroying the opponent before Reflector can activate or the attacker fails to destroy the his target and is destroyed by the reflected damage.

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I want a physical reflector, many do not kill them so it has 30-50 lives left, they and their weapons must destroy them themselves

  1. If you base it on percentage then level 1 of the next higher rarity should not be weaker than the highest level of a lower rarity.
    E.g.: Epic lv. 30 - 15% --> leg. lv. 1 - 14% should be changed to epic lv. 30 - 14% --> leg. lv.1 - 15%

  2. I think instead of percentage it should be “Deals up to X return damage per taken attack to the opponent at the end of the opponent’s turn”.
    “Up to X damage” means if a player receives less damage from an attack it will only return that amount of damage.
    Like if the Reflector deals up to 50 damage in return and you receive only 30 damage from the opponent’s attack then your Reflector will only deal the same 30 damage from that attack back to the opponent.

Also the return damages during the opponent’s turn are added together and dealt after the opponent’s drone’s move.
E.g.: Reflector up to 50 damage per attack:

  1. 1st Attack: 30 damage -> 30 return damage noted
  2. 2nd Attack: 100 damage -> 50 return damage noted
  3. Drone Attack: 60 damage -> 50 return damage noted
    -> Reflector activates and deals the accumulated return damage of 130.
    –> Your turn.

Also for the damage limit it would be something like:
Common min/max level: Up to 10/20 damage per attack
Rare min/max level: Up to 25/35 damage per attack
epic min/max level: Up to 40/55 damage per attack
legendary min/max level: Up to 60/75 damage per attack
mythical min/max level: Up to 80/100 damage per attack

Well, about that turn to activate it, there needs to be some kind of “payment” to use that item.
So since it should not need energy or heat to work you should need at least 1 turn to activate it.

I dont like this because what if a newbie gets an epic version of this
that does

then the newbies would be killed by damage that does not change for the attack level. The percentages would instead make it so the damage changes by the level of matchmaking, respectively.
However, question about percentages: Should the percentage be based of percentage of each attack added up, or just percentage of total attack damage for that turn?
For example, lets you have the max myth version of 26%, and he does a total damage for that turn of 300 damage. Then the reflector, at the end of the turn, will activate and do 78 damage.
But, that guy used two weapons and a drone that turn, with the damages adding up to be 120+120+60=300. If we added the individual percentages for each attack then the reflectoe would deal 79.
Which should it do?

Alright, sounds fair.

The return damage should be calculated after each attack and then be returned at the end of the opponent’s turn at once:
So 26% of 120 + 26% of 120 + 26% of 60
=> 26% of 120 = 31.2 = 31
=> 26% of 60 = 15.6 = 16
–> 31 + 31 + 16 = 78

So 78 damage after the opponent’s drone’s attack.

I edited the post to reflect this, any other stat changes you have in mind?

Nope, only the issue about higher rarity lv. having to be better than a lower rarity at max level.
That is still not changed.

Btw. I would simply make the damage round mathematically for every attack taken:
120 damage taken -> 26% return damage = 31.2 = 31 return damage
121 damage taken -> 26% return damage = 31.46 = 31 return damage
122 damage taken -> 26% return damage = 31.72 = 32 return damage

I wanted the rarity to go down one after transformation cause otherwise we would be at over 30% damage at max mythical and thats too much

No, myth would still max at 26%, just switch

  • common lv. 10 and rare lv. 1
  • rare lv. 20 and epic lv. 1
  • epic lv. 30 with legendary lv. 1
  • legendary lv. 40 with myth lv. 1

It would be like this:

Common-rare version stats
Common lvl1: 5%
Common lvl10: 7%
Rare lvl1: 8%
Rare lvl 20: 10%

Epic-mythical version stats:
Epic lvl1: 11%
Epic lvl30:14%
Legendary lvl1: 15%
Legendary lvl40: 19%
Mythical lvl1 20%
Mythical lvl 50: 26%

Alright, ill edit the post.

When we both have 1 hp ._.
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Would this be a time when it wouldn’t work???


I said in the post that the reflector would only activate on the beginning of your turn, if you die, you cant go.

Oooh. Ok. (Ps this was a picture from a long tem ago :P)

You might want to make the epic-myth version a little heavier? Just a thought.

Does a reflector reflect a reflector? Or does it just count the damage which come from the weapons fired?

As an overall question, would the reflector also do energy/explosive damage?
Also could you have multiple of these? I mean if you had 2 max myths that would be 52%! That would be pretty significant.

Is an interesting idea, definitely well thought out so far.