New smurf ))....202020




But what about your anti smurf squad? )) crashed? Why do you beat the little ones on the 15th rank?


You “nice person” (to read “arse”), check the leaderboard, couldnt possibly smurf less; these arent ladder battles.

Will wait for apologies.


New battle category 1v1 again in arena :exclamation:

Great work tacticsoft :exclamation:




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I’m not trying to take sides but I used to smurf and it takes quite a while to get back to higher ranks after smurfing.


There is no side mate. The dude clicked on my name on the leader board hisself to check my replays. Currently top spot. :joy: Didnt leave top 5 this week. Rarely do. Not sure if the guy is stupid or toxicity attempt.


is he teleporting, did you not know? Well, you and stupid))


I was simply stating the facts that i knew.


this is a joke. aren’t you funny?

and the question is what for beat the noobs?


Well, i have been attacked on this forum before. Sorry for the unfunyness.

When i hang around on global chat, people do request to battle, nothing too special.


aah, I understand, because top leaders are afraid of losing their place in it and are not doing more than 5 wins in a week, right? Did you create the appearance that you were actively playing the arena all week?

this is also a joke))

Have you tested a new heat drone? it would be very interesting to see a review from the leader!
I saw some replays, the damage is just disgusting.


First thing I noticed about those screenshots as the lack of ranks.


I usually battle to my heart content until the last day. If i hold top spot by then, i usually sit. If not i keep going.

I use long distance weapons, new drone aint for me.


it’s a pity. I think the developer is reading you.

And the fact that not everyone can immediately make the myth of this drone, I think this is not a problem for you!

good, have a good day!


The frick?
Is ur base language even english?
Also “teleporting” is not a real thing in real life.
Its only in a game and THIS game has it in battle.
“Teleporting” instead of “Account Jumping.”
Calling me stupid? Naw fam. That’s you. And only you.


looks like you didnt see how many players in the global chat wanted to do 1v1 with LordGorgon yesterday;)


нет, гугл переводчик так переводит на английский!

не понимаешь шуток - игнорируй тему, умнее будешь выглядеть )

no, google translate so translates into english!

do not understand the jokes - ignore the topic, you will look smarter)


When you go to say hello to the global chat (it happens to me when I goto Spanish chat), your screen is full of invitations to play. It´s likely that smaller players want to see some weapons in action.

I don´t accept most of the invitations (maybe it´s a discourtesy), but I dont usually accept. However, in some cases I have accepted and I always let the smallest one win to make him happy.

I met a little active pro player (not Gorgon of course!) Who entered the chat and accepted almost all the invitations or sometimes made invitations himself. His purpose was that in his record many wins were seen (according to him to intimidate adversaries). A real foolishness, but there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord.