New Skull Torso Idea!

If you want more realistic torsos, then please google them or click on the link, but dont spam the forum with nonsense ideas! :slight_smile:


i dont see anything…it’s empty

oh lol, you were very accurate xD

to be honest i hate that drones before the update now theyre better and become nice looking head antena but in a torso i dont want something like that
i preffer something more skeletic
also if u want something similar the pumpkin could help tou

what about this one?
and can be yours… if you have what it takes… to get the GOAT!!!


so that IS the GOAT xD
im trying to get at least 2 modules to sign up but the game just give me devouring paws and top weapons ._.

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No, i m not telling something like this torso, i want a torso with eyes,nose and mouth.

drawn it
i think is easier to understand u that way and maybe ur art like to some dev and make it be on the game

i would prefer a skull like the punisher logo but anyway

Kaen is a monster…

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I have the torso idea shape in the top of my post, i posted a drone (snack) i want my torso to be something like that

then u really want a torso that looks like a drone
xD dude did u already see naga? its my main energy torso its like old galaxus it probably fit better on ur idea than adding another one

Well there was a skull torso design @OHMssssGamer made over on his thread.

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Naga looks like CRAP compared to the Galaxus Torsos.

I wish they would reuse the Galaxus design A,B and C.
At least Galaxus appears to have eye sockets like a skull even though it is just shadowing making the center eye appear to have 1 eye on either side or it…
Naga looks like a freakin Cyclops.

They could also take the Galaxus design and emphasize a more skull defined appearance .

Or better yet use the skull from my Avatar…

have u seen naga on mythical? xD its basically the same as galaxus but with some kind of eywbrows to make it look angry xD

Yes I have seen it and NO it does not look Galaxus, it has a resemblance but the center eye module protrudes out of the face making it a cyclops like I mentioned above which looks LAME.

x me looks pretty better, who wants humans xD i mean were the worst thing that happenned to earth
also it looks more agressive than before
if what u want is a copy of the drones bigger then thats terrible xD would look awful torso and drone so similar, it would be almost like a weezing (poison type pokemon that basically evolves having a tumor)

listen guys, naga isnt enough skullness and not what i want, i want something more realistic skull like a torso similar to the skull drones

Rip out the skull from your head and use it as a torso.

100% realistic skull.