New Skull Torso Idea!

Hello, I have an idea about a new skull torso, which will be like the skull drones, it would be awesome! and everyone would love to have it! please work on it! (first energy one)
it can also be released in heat and phys mode


Hi Manolis109 !

Nice idea !
I like it !

Would be our HardToKill Torso !


Just next time please, post it under “SuperMechs” and not under “Battle Dawn”.
I am sure Battle Dawn players would be happy to have Mechs there, but I am pretty sure you ment SuperMechs.

Therefor I will move the thread to “SuperMechs” / “Ideas & Features” !



look at the drone, i want the torso to be like that, look at my post in top of this topic

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oops! by mistake, i posted it to battledown

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No problem, I corrected it and moved it to the right place !


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i see, you see the drone i posted? i want the torso to be like that, but in torso mode,you know what i mean?

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Don’t assume everyone has the same taste as you. That looks like a very generic idea. Unless it has good stats, i wouldn’t want it.

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ofc it will be good, every new torso is

Making even more assumptions. Nice

ok, sorry, i meant everyone would be excited with a torso like that

@Kaen dont be so “hard” to him, he is a nice one !


but i also want it, i hope everyone will have the chance to get it not only htk members

I dont want any new items to game.



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If u don’t know we have 9 types of mechs in Battledawn Mars map and we normally have llike 300 of them per person while fighting a war. And we can upgrade it too by killing other people’s mechs.

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no mr,Ralfman, that would be cool , i hope my idea wil; succeed

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No, Mrs. Manolis109, that wouldn’t be cool! I hope your idea won’t succeed.

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lol i know, even though i play the battle down anicent age mode (soldiers swords and spears)


Manolis, do you remember when in old SM every week a new weapon got launched leaving the other items useless?

I am not sure if you want that era again! :wink:

that wasnt bad…every week 1-3 new mythicals were being released, well new items in this update may not be good for everyone, my idea is just to give the torsos some “life”

come on! dont take it hard i just want the game to have much more “realistic” torsos