New skins for the Mechs, ideas, glow in the dark, gold, diamond, fools gold, ruby red, emerald green, etc. Lets think of more!

Hey guys I’m TWT_Masterzen, I’ve been playing this game for a while.I started to wonder that, what if they put skins or camos for the mechs. I got the idea from playing WW2 cod. I saw the camos, and was like, what if they made skins for the mechs. They could have some sort of wheel spin either you get a common, rare, legendary, even mythical. For the wheel spins, we can have three separate ones, one for the torsos, one for the legs, and one for the drones. If they were to put this I would say, ten tokens for one wheel spin, maybe everyday you could get one free wheel spin, and you could watch one video to unlock another. For the camos, the mythical would be the only ones to have the camos move. For every season, for example, we could add Christmas camos. If you guys like the sound of this idea, plz message me for more detail, if any creators or developers see this, plz message me right away. Hope you guys like this idea, and hope to see this on supermechs some day.

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Would be GREAT…