New ShortShocker Portal is LIVE! 7/11


is it shortie ene worth? against FS i prefer my FS…


I say:
This might be the beggining of an real SM reloaded.


6 refill and nothing,all on hard


I’m might gonna try to farm this thing…hope i get legy or something.


Good luck @The_Yo_Yo_Man i just got the drone and one FS… i give up on this shitty portal…Prefer my good FACESHOCKER.


Ah…of course that portal will suck.
How am i should be suprised?Well,no worries,i’m still gonna try getting legy.


True, the last one i almost didn’t get Short(phys) but got him and one Bunker Shell :heart:


Well if u dont want it then pls gib me thanks.


I’m upgrading that thing to explode some phys asses :joy:


So you WERE the person I saw last night. I called you stupid by accident.


Not wasting time on it. Only doing them 3 times, normal, hard, and insane. Getting the 30 tokes, then that’s it.


The appareance.


I got the tokens and the drone alltogether, yeah :smiley:


After 3 refuels finally legy stuffs image


Wow. You fokin lucky.


I don’t care much for the drone. I don’t use energy mechs… Yet I’m sure it will fall on my lap, because I don’t care for energy. :wink:


new administrators. but the same garbage drop rates. portals arranged. nothing changed. Only now will we label other people.


Anyone got the Stats on this one? I just want to know the range of this one… I know it a short range, yet I wanna know if it is the same as ShortRanger.


Here ya go, I posted it above ^


Cool, thanks… :grinning: