New ShortShocker Portal is LIVE! 7/11



Wrong one bud, that was from ages ago.



i don’t understand what his topic say …


I alway want too say this from the long time ago…
Ur avatar is so…cute :3


Itsa baby rabbit…

is it your pet?


This item portal have the worst fall drops I saw. Only rares and common on the 3 modes.

I can get better drops on BB.


@no_on_here @2ab

It is not my pet, lol

I just like it because of it’s adorableness :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


it’s so cute right :blush:


poor new admins, they staring with other garbage portal lol


1st Insane run


Holy mother of god what are those longshocker stats


Another junky portal that I won’t be spending tokens or money on. Gives only pooloopoo!


I don’t care about this portal but sign me up for longshocker. Those are the most broken stats I’ve ever seen for a drone.


o boy here come the bunker builds with grim cobras

if the devs release the heat variant and have it be energy free im gonna r i o t


Hi everyone, so
he is well new drone?


Wth. Now im tempted to open a thread requesting “a heat vaillant”


good decision! just did refill and no card!!! 6 runs on hard with no card! this is just TS in their best


another refill is nice 3 rare cards omfg


Haven’t got a Legendary yet, and doubt I will get one. Anybody got one yet?