New ShortShocker Portal is LIVE! 7/11


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Next 3 drones


Long Ranger and Short Ranger are pretty much enough. We don’t need more Game-Breaking sh*t.


Why do I feel like the heat version is scary…


Yeah u right XD


Kinda. Less weight and more damage than HeatPoint, but a bit useless more on that.


the heat version is weaker then heatpoint


I am right about that. Don’t believe me otherwise.


I think 2 version long and short energy and physical is pretty enough :smiley:


There’s still Long and Short Heater, so wait for a bit more.


Oh never mind XD


But don’t u wonder why the creation forget this leg ?
image[poll type=regular]


mostly targets damage more than hp

Thus, making it look like myth or legy food.


They didn’t. That leg is supposed to sacrifice HP for more damage. Kind of like the opposite of The Claw.


maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


Not maybe, surely it is.

  • Shouldn’t add heat version
  • Should add heat version

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Can we use this new energy drone for goat much?


What is goat mech ?


You can with ANY Epic Item. Just make a good build lol


It is making mechs purely out of ONLY Level 1 Epic Items, or maxed Common and Rare Items.