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Sorry for clickbait, but READ THIS

If you guys can’t add back the current shop, then I suggest trying this idea.

So, it’s basically a shop that changes every week. Every week, there’ll be a selection of items from low level to high level for a reasonable price of coins/tokens. There will be a level 1-5 selection of items, a level 5-15 selection of items, and a level 15-30 selection of items.

To unlock each selection, you have to be the minimum experience level that the selection has. For example, the level 1-5 shop will be unlocked straight away, but the level 5-15 shop will be unlocked at experience level 5. Same with levels 15-30.

However, you will only be able to buy the items in the selection if you’re the equivalent level of it. For example, yes, you will be able to unlock the level 15-30 shop at level 15, but you will only be able to buy the level 15 items in the shop, if there even are any. And then, you get to let’s say, level 23. Now you are able to buy every item in the 15-30 shop from level 23 and below. Also, if you’ve unlocked the, for example, level 5-15 shop, you’ll still have access to the shops below it, which, in this case is the level 1-5 shop.

Now, let’s get to the tiers of the items that are going to be in the shop. There will be 50% commons, 30% rares, 15% epics, and 5% legendaries of the amount of items that there are that day. Then, every week there might be a chance of a single MYTHICAL item in the shop for a day that would cost a few hundred tokens. The mythical, however, would replace the legendaries in the shop.

Now, the cost. Commons, rares, and epics would all cost coins while the legendaries and the mythical will cost tokens. I’ll let the actual developers decide the exact price of each item though.

#Sooooo yeah. I may have forgotten some stuff since this took like 15 minutes to type, just tell me what I forgot.

#Also, this is just a SUGGESTION. I may have made it too confusing, but whatever. Just read the thing. Also, why did I put this at the bottom of the post? Eh, whatever I’m too lazy to change it now.

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