New Secret Energy Boots


Pssssst Hay Ladies and Gentlemen,
I think there secretly working on some Energy Boots.
And there leaking there projects out on PvP.
Look Below

Note: This is NOT AGAIN NOT photo shopped.
So what do ya’ll think.


Interesting. Is this the first time you’ve seen this? I’ve seen it once as well. Have you been in a match with someone who has it?


This is old news for us regulars on the forums and many posts have been made, but maybe for you guys it’s a new fact :smile:

They are not released yet and there is no confirmation of whether there will be a portal for it but yeah. It’s been speculated


No I haven’t…


No one owns it yet… those mechs you see before you find an opponent are actually randomly generated mechs based on how strong the items on your mech are… if you have a noob mech, the randomly generated mechs will appear noobish, and vice versa.

Because we see those energy boots on those randomly generated mechs, it means that the weapon is fully done and ready to be integrated into the game- it is just that the devs have not decided to make it obtainable (yet.)


huh, neat! Thanks for the info


I saw in some post the stats, have high hp and 2 knockback… very good legs indeed…


Already sawed that…


Where did you see the stats on an unreleased item? Are you sure your not referring to the Dynamite Boots?


The Armory, a special feature for new but not that much acocunts…


I don’t know, i just saw the stats, didn’t ask where they got it…


That looks like the heat legs with 2 knockback… Will be extremely heavy… I will stick to my sparked runners, wheelchair and Iron boots. I NEVER EVER STOMP IN BATTLE, I always equip close combat weapons to increase range…


I don’t believe you saw the stats on an unreleased item…


That was awesome.


DO i look like i’m asking you to believe me? you’re free to do whatever you want :wink:


Listen up doodoo…cool it

And btw, your phrase makes no sense


Double negative… so it is photoshopped


omg people have seen this before. It’s not photo shopped.


It’s called sarcasm…


i tell frist to all for this,hahahahha