New RedShark Torso


This is an artwork from Zarkares.


Hmm strange, I know a certain other person who made something VERY similar to this… and suddenly a new user pops up with this sprite…


Well this is stolen material.
Im not gonna post here anymore so it doesn’t get put to the top of ideas and features and stay there for a while

Cause once other people see this there are gonna be a bunch of replies


Is it a remix or is it the same?

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same exact thing

Also even if it was he doesn’t give credit, just says “new”


I thought you said you blocked the SM forums…?

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This is what I did not do from Zarkares.

How I did this I do not know how it is from him

Oh, so you created an identical torso for chance? :joy:

What I did not record

We know it was made by @Zarkares, your ### peasant.

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I could steal it by saying where and where the same file is


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I’m a big fan of you

that this is not a safe one

This was made by ME and @Maxy.

These are clearly not yours man. Why are you reposting the work of others?


hey! its the guy who made the Zarkares torso! im a huge fan of you :slight_smile:


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