New Redeemer form (R-E): Metal Booster?


When I logged on today I noticed how this torso got a bit different from yesterday.It’s name wasn’t Metal Booster and it’s transform range reached legendary ( as in epic-legend).Not anymore…

If this one got changed,does that mean there’s also an legendary-myth version of it out there?
If there is,could someone show it’s stats?
Would be nice to have another good mythical physical torso.

PS:Did anyone notice anymore changes?Please comment below if you did.
Cheers,my friends :smile:


This is what i got as Metal Booster??

41 AM

Is its new?


Redeemer is fine as always for me.


his name was redeemer ??


Yup, and nothing changed on my max redeemer…^^


Looks like it.I hope it has a myth alternative too.Otherwise,this thing’s useless.This rare-epic version is more like an ‘‘Item Booster’’…


Yeah… could be like the Ettin torso




This epic version has more health than Brutality Torso (in epic).Super light,too (318) so you can put a good couple modules on it.
I really wanna know if there is a Legendary-Myth.


Well thats interesting.


how you know that ? ^^


Sounds too good :laughing:


I hope this becomes Avenger 2.0 someday :laughing::rofl:


@Sarah247 Welll…Did you heard about that change or new item ? :smiley_cat:

i’m curious to learn more about that if possible… :smiley_cat:


Even if they have those kind of changes in mind, it would be way better to add the Myth form to the E-L Redeemer than to create a new tier (E-L-M) of that item and have it splitte as R-E and L-M :sweat_smile:


Noticed this as well, but I dropped Redeemers and Metal Boosters, which was odd to me. Didn’t take it for much until someone said it shared the same looks. Maybe it’s a mistake?

Doubt they’d add another Avenger type (considering it’s trash without good mods), into the game.


I finaly got the “new” torso in a silver box…well let’s check it ^^


So that probably means no mythical Redeemer for us anytime soon,right?
Gosh,what was I expecting :laughing::rofl:
Btw,noticed how the epic ‘‘Metal Booster’’ has less resistance than regular?
(5,6,6 instead of 5,7,7)


not sure about resistances…and it has 2.2.2 resistances at rare tier, is that “normal” numbers ?


I like the idea of having existing items be updated to be transformed up to Mythical. :slight_smile:

Now change the Common-Epic HP and resist modules to make them go up to Mythical, or at least Legendary.